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  1. [quote name='Mimir' timestamp='1325553731' post='50809'] Interesting that you pick NOW to post a PW whine with all the posts and work currently being done on the PW. Me thinks you should read a few of the posts started by TB on what he has been doing. It may not be fast enough but at least it isn't another "we will get to it when we get to it" Come on back dust off your PW and participate as it isn't very often we get to help fix a broken race WHILE the changes are being made. [/quote] Main reason why I have not posted till now is because I just plain have not been on the forums for quite awhile, hop on here and again, but I just cannot get myself to log in with how bad the PW was hit. I am really not complaining that much that they changed things, however the last time I was on it just plain hurt. I really not complaining as much as finally posting my opinion, I read a few days ago that they will not even consider custom changes compared to what it was, which in a way I agree with, to a certain degree, and that is what I was pointing out. Right now my computer is in many ways taking a shit, but have a new computer on the way and may end up logging in at some point when I get it. Edit: On a quick note, If the weapons actually fired at the rate that the delay says, not just capped at 1 shot per second, then the other nerf's would not hurt so bad as they do now, that is another reason why I have not had the desire to log in game.
  2. Rabid is unfortunately correct, a opinion poll will never make them change the way they have coded in the skills no matter how many people vote for it to change. You have better luck pulling a tiger tooth while its awake and alert. In the end its a hopeless gesture. I do know your pain however, I have totally quit the EMU due to the crippling skill changes, and will not be back unless things are changed back, which will never happen. Progen warrior is broken hardcore with these changes, I can understand not wanting soloing but in groups and raids they are worthless, and it was my favorite Race and class. So on that note, I am not even going to vote.
  3. This has been suggested about 10 times over, and has been said that this will not be considered or even put on the table till the game has hit beta or live as there is more important things that have to be done. Remember this is not even in Alpha stage yet.
  4. [quote name='Ripster' timestamp='1309980773' post='42985'] I did actually restart and tried to login, but couldn't once I got out. [b]I understand that we are still in Beta[/b], so it really isn't an issue. I have been a beta tester for many games, including this one before it went live. [/quote] Not true, this is actually not even close to beta as of yet. This is currently Stress Test #4, alpha testing is next then if we are lucky beta testing will come up after that. Its a sad but true fact, and you should expect lag, latency, and a major amount of bugs still in the game long before we will be full game. I would most likely expect this project to hit beta in about a year or so, and thats being generous.
  5. Yes, however the demo is the full game which is modified by Net7, either will work.
  6. [quote name='Logane' timestamp='1307761367' post='42022'] I must have done something wrong somewhere. The net7 launcher (if I tab twice at the ip dropdown) will not launch the client. It has the client targeted and all are running as admin, compatibility mode for windows 7, certificates are installed correctly, resolutions are correct and I'm racking my brain trying to figure this out. Maybe I need to start from scratch and reinstall the client, patch, and net7 in order to fix the problem. [/quote] Logane I think you are trying to hard. Ok a few simple questions: What is your resolution at right now? Is the Net7 launcher maximized? If the Net7 launcher is maximized, have you tried to double click the top to bring it to a smaller window? Do you have the target destination in the correct spot? IE: /release/client.exe Do you have client.exe and Net7proxie.exe in admin mode? Thats all I can think of, one other is for you to take a screen shot of your desktop with the net7 launcher opened, this will help tremendously.
  7. From what I see you should not be having any problems, you have more Base memory and graphics memory than my comp has, I only have 500meg ram and 64 meg graphics to work with. BTW you will prob like Avira better than AVG, I have been using this program for years and I say it is better than any other bought virus scanner out there to date. I dont think its your graphics drivers, I personally have not updated mine especially since I cant find em I suggest going back to a higher res than the one your using, and rerun your E&B setup. You might also want to check for the latest update to your network card. Is your computer using a hardline or wireless? As far as the processes that should be around 35, not sure what else you could be running, also on my main comp I run the game with virus scanner in standby mode as it tends to cause latency, but my second computer has it on when I play and has no latency. This may also be your problem, try playing with the virus program on standby and see what happens.
  8. Personally I think you might have a virus or some other malicious program running and bogging down your computer. If I was you I would run a few programs on your machine, one obviously would be a virus scanner (Can be free, Personally use Avira AntiVir), then a cleaner program such as CC cleaner (Can get free), now I would probably scan your system with Ad-aware (Free) or some other program. Also would be good to know your spec's, My computer is probably the lowest end PoS and have hardly any problems with the game.
  9. Ok since your using WinXP the main issue might be you need to run the config program. It should be located here: [b]C:\Program Files\EA GAMES\Earth & Beyond\EBCONFIG\E&BConfig.exe[/b] (Original Config from EA) or [b]C:\Program Files\EA GAMES\Earth & Beyond\EBCONFIG\Net7config.exe[/b] (Net7's version recommended for higher resolutions) This may solve your problems, might be other issues, if the config program does not work try this: Open your Net7 launcher then on the top Left click [b]Launcher->Reset Updates[/b]. Also be sure you have either [b]Packet Optimization[/b] or [b]Prototype Reorder[/b] checked, [u]make sure none of the Debug options are checked.[/u]
  10. Whats your system spec's? Operating system, Ram, CPU, Graphics Card?
  11. Is the only thing you installed was the Net7? You need to install E&B with the demo file. If you already did then your files are not fully installed and you will need to reinstall. You must Install that Demo file, patch and the Net7 files, then after you install the demo you open the Net7 on your desktop and target the file and folder I showed you. The Net7 should update fully then you can get in game. If your having trouble then goto the forum help section here: [url="https://forum.enb-emulator.com/index.php?/topic/714-install-enb-from-scratch-instructions-rev-7222010/"]Getting started[/url] Follow what they show there. The Getting started link will give you step by step instructions on how to get it working.
  12. Search your E&B folder for this: \Earth & Beyond\release\Client.exe Hope this helps.
  13. Indeed. QX419-M is correct this has been beaten to death to the point of rage, leave it be, and drop the subject. The Dev's know what they are doing and ride the waves like everyone else. My 2 cents.
  14. I cant believe I did not see it before.... I looked at your net7 picture closely and noticed you have it targeting a URL. Look closely on the top right and click browse then target this path: C:\Program Files\EA GAMES\Earth & Beyond\[b]release\client.exe[/b] This is exactly your problem all along.
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