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ENB mentioned in new EVE Online documentary

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Thanks to returning pilot Famicom earlier today in the Server Status thread, is the following link to:


EVE Online | Down the Rabbit Hole



The video was Posted 21 hours ago (on 1 Nov 2023), and already has 590,765 views! 598,741 views from the time I finished this post!

Duration: 5 hours, 55 minutes, 12 seconds.

One of the comments says this comprehensive documentary about the history of EVE took 2 years to create.


Earth and Beyond makes an appearance at this timestamp: https://youtu.be/BCSeISYcoyI?t=3694


I thought I would re-post Famicom's link here, as any discussion should be kept out of the Server Status thread as each comment there will ping the server admin and drive him nuts if a conversation takes off!





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Pretty crazy how impactful the presence of ENB "refugees" was in the EVE space! To be honest, I hadn't thought of this game for literal decades until it was mentioned in this video, and watching some videos of people logging in, creating characters and exploring space with all the chonky UI noises as were customary at the time suffused me with such nostalgia that I went ahead and see if maybe someone reverse-engineered the server architecture leading to the existance of private servers ala Ragnarok Online and lo and behold here we are. Hopefully the login server gets reanimated soonish!

In the meantime, I think anyone playing this game will get a kick out of watching the documentary as well, especially since it's also kind of a love letter to space sim genre enthusiasts as well. It's running time is a few minutes short of six hours, so it should keep you occupied for a hot minute :)

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Apologies for possible necro-revival but catching up on fora and saw this.  When EnB folded the bulk of my guild went to EVE . . . I followed for a bit but just found the game deadly dull.  EnB was my first MMO and still really the only one I've liked (admittedly haven't tried that many).  I liked how it could be both a community game AND/OR a single player game.  I like how I have the option of pursuing combat (are you killing monsters again? my wife would ask as she'd walk by) or mining when I just want to veg out and pursue a bit of zen.  So, yeah, was there for the EnB->EVE influx but couldn't hang.  There was also a subsequent mass migration of a bunch of folks over to Star Wars (I think Galaxies?).  I'd never played turn-based games before and it also didn't tickle my fancy.  Kind of put all things MMO aside and just did first person or other stuff that was solo until EnB emulator (re)appeared.  Yay!


tl;dr - I thought EVE sucked.  :)

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