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Endgame Gear For A Te-Ts

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As some of you guys have seen I wrote a progen based endgame gear guide.


So now it's time to dissect and roast the terrans' basic setups.


There is a very nice TT post for raid gear already so I wont touch upon that much if at all this is strictly a gun and gear post for high dps combat toons. 


https://forum.enb-emulator.com/index.php?/topic/10246-tt-raid-setupgear/ <-- TT post


TT and TS's use similar setups and because they do not have critical targeting they are quite a bit weaker then a te in overall combat, I would give the nod to a ts and a salamander over a tt and a hellbore, slight nod but the nod none the less. And yes I've tried both the ts is the better combat toon then a tt, speed makes a major difference and a tt can't compete but they have better survivability.




Since this guide was posted and edited, Ammo stacks sizes have been changed so the numbers listed are inaccurate (hellbore ammo is 300 now zets are 400 and so on).

I am going to add the DT weapons now since the sector has opened and I have had a chance to use the guns and give an opinion.



Ideal setup is a Smiters Wrath and 4 zets, Zet's you might ask?

Yes they have higher dps output then bile cannons.

Alternatively if you have the cash use Dung Cannons not Flingers. I'll explain below.*

This is a straight DPS Build.


What pretty much everyone else uses, Wrath and 4 biles.

Point 1 800 rounds of ammo per stack and slightly less dps then zets but ohh mama you can go for a long time.

I run a modified setup to this a wrath/caster/3 biles scan boost buff on the caster, the dps is between the zet and biles.


I'm using a flinger now on my te and I added the reasons why below after the *.

I find that the ultimate dps builds above work great but adding the flinger makes life so much easier on a te.

I just can't tell you how much I like the flingers reactor cap and buffs on a te, I give up the hacking buff of the ya zi and still have it on the terran advantage.

I did a little testing and if you can afford the ammo a dung cannon lets a TE hit a 1000 impulse and is the same dps as a ZET but lacks EMP ammo.



Wrath/Flinger/ either biles or zets but I'd give the nods to biles.

TT's do not get a useable debuffer hence the hellbore.

Gonna say I'm going to use a Flinger on the TT she's getting close.

Blondie has a Caster Wrath and a flinger now so...




Scan buff on a scan toon. Caster.

Can we say salamander 9 say it together...I knew you could do it.

Gonna stick to this since the ts doesn't have combat power issues for solo combat, debuffing mobs.. add a flinger and a solar sail 8 for raids.


The rest of the guns.

type a/z3/x3's horrible ammo useage and mediocre dps at best..

Bolas turbo and ml power conservation not a bad gun ammo comp issues(uses zet ammo comps)

Sting of the mordana no comment it speaks for itself

Hellbore ya zi long and the regular one, terrible dps (altho the ya zi long makes up for that with the better firing rate), ammo stack count(300 per stack), vendor ammo only,

normal hellbores power pigs.. they hurt reactors and I normally will not run one on a te because of it, Ya zi long = all right on a te altho the 200 dps for a decent one is still pretty awful, the reactor buff makes it nice on a te. on a positive note it'll debuff plasma for a long long ways.

TS only ballistic sniper 25k range (if you can see it you can hit it) the reload time is silly stupid long, IMPACT ammo yes impact.. and about that gorgon 9 you can use.. do so.

I want to point out on my dps lists I fired every single gun but the rage on either my ts or te.

There is a good reason I use the guns I do.

I'd rather give up a minuscule amount of damage vrs the ability to fire the guns for more then an hour between reloads.

I use the setup listed above.


* Now that the Dung cannons/flingers are in the game.

If you have the cash a cannon is the same dps as a zet, the ammo costs are terrible tho.(This has since been sorta remedied in the fact the costs were dropped in half and the ammo stacks are larger now)

The flinger crank up the Juice skill works as intended and stacks with an awcs but the dps is.. well middle of the road.

The hellbore is 200ish dps for a ya zi long and the flinger is mid 340's at 200% but the debuff is less but the buffs work.

The hellbore debuffs plasma a little better then a flinger(31 vrs 35) if you can afford a flinger and it's ammo use it in place of a normal hellbore and te's I would stick to the ya zi long hellbore but that IMHO.

Take it for what it"s worth I have both.

See above and below for the results of the flinger.. Get one for a TT/TE worth the effort.


I've since started using the flinger in place of the Ya Zi Long on my TE the reactor buff just rocks.


Flinger: Debuff Plasma at 8.5k range, Crank up the Juice(1404 reactor cap that stacks with an AWCS 7990ish reactor cap with a ssr8), Missile Handling(accuracy/dps enhancer as the ammo hits more often), 23.9 shield recharge, Missile energy conservation 40%.


Ya Zi Long: Weaken Plasma, Improved hacking, recharge reactor, improved rally.


You could use both the dps difference is not a question the flinger wins hands down.. period.

The thing is the buffs and the differences.

You could use both but you use 2 guns to do the same dps as a single bile/zet..

Your choice but for gate raids/fishbowls I'd use the Ya Zi and for the rest because it has pm multi flavor ammo the flinger is my weapon of choice.

The 800 round count for the flinger ammo makes it worth using despite the cost on power hungry raiding terrans.

I have a flinger on my TE and TS now I also have Ya Zi Long's on both Toons now.

It makes the TS a triple debuffer 




In general, terrans can use anything but the progen only shields (tt's live use gettysburgs till the z's dropped in orion) or specialty racial shields.


Bastion 8/9 My top pick for a te Great overall lvl 9 shield High cap activated 5% turbo, hull damage control(te's)

Black force 8/9 My second pick for all around useage 5% installed turbo, high cap.( I use one on scooter when I use the skull to buff with)

Skull (all 3) The darling everyone wants 15% turbo and the bitchin skull graphic.

Devil's Heart TT Reactor recharge buff decent cap I used one on blondie in st4 a lot.

Z's (all 3) Meah Equipment engineering, ml range.

HFF (ts only) Get one for a ts.




What can I say you guys are sol.. But we'll forge on.

SSR8 get one if you can not much better out there currently, I use one on my te with 104% turbo(Black force shield)

I hope you have a pocket jenquai handy.

The other classes wont have the same problems.

Super Nova 8, Great second reactor ml range.

Theo for the ts (scan buff) Optional

Warriors heart 8's for the tt's at raids(see the other post about tt's at raids and see what they use), you could use a wh8 on a ts for mining.

Pleiades reduce sig on a tt/ts te's have rally.

I have the agrippa lvl 6 reactor i'll be testing it out and report my findings.<-- broken don't do it.

I'll add more as the need arises.



I keep 3 engines on all of my terrans a ursa 9 a trifid 9 and a terran advantage.

The rest? Viper and a ballistic sniper on a ts = 13.5k sig > :) te with a rr+ 6 is 11 something iirc.

Special mention PDW on a tt healer engine.

Intent I have one I rarely use it. That will probably change when my tt gets to that point.

If you want to give up the buffs on a TE then a supernova 8 and a intent engine makes a great combo also, I like my buffs on the flinger/TA engine better is all.

I did a little testing and borrowed a Dung Cannon.

With a TE a TA9 a NOS and a Dung Cannon you can go 1000 impulse on a te now.


Okay here is what the down and dirty truth is, terrans have the best engines in the game.

TE's should for raids run a terran advantage engine for the ml range. It's high sig and keeps healers alive.

Ursa 5k warp does it need anything else?

Trifid low sig engine for tt/ts's fairly fast a tt/ts can break a 1000 impulse with one and a nos.

Black Speed 9's on TS's for raiding/looting outside of that maybe a gun firing tt for the turbo.

Solar Sail 8's are in a nice alternative choice for 0 sig engines.


Te's the truth of it you guys are slow.. (Still true if you do not use a dung cannon)

The only way I can find to break a 1000 impulse on a te is to use a nos and a viper. (See the Engine Section)

Activated buffs not withstanding.

My friggen pw does a 1000 with a fotm a nos and pretty much any lvl 8 engine he can install.

Maybe the dev's will give you guys some lovin but I wouldn't hold your breath.

The Dung Cannon gets a te's big ass to 1000 impulse finally.(yay)


Devices I will only list te/ts gear since there is a post for tt's already.




Ivory ward/tolerance deflects

AWCS reactor cap +1232 don't be a dumbass and say it adds 3% damage pifffle. Just get efi or me or someone to make you one.

Intolerance 39.9% added damage It doesn't get any better.

Seal/mark of the dragon shield cap or added damage the choice is yours.

Martyr's heart a terran breakfast item get one.


Carry along. I wont list travel gear other then to say rr+/mark/unicorn-rr(tt)/ursa/nav comp 8700/7100 and 6800 warp speeds.


Steingerd's, really get one not every jenquai carries reactor buffs as I have come to learn.

Turbo toys whatever you can carry and get your grubby finglers on. Missiles have long reload times and heavy turbo on a te makes more of a difference then it does on a pw/jd.

Trust me I know.

I carry a sting/laser scope 8 on my te so I can buff others with them.


My typical loadout goes like this:  wrath/caster/biles full, 2-3 caster 8 bile, skull installed bf9 or bastion 9 in the hold, PB/CVE/AotW/POC stiengerds/ laser scope-sting, unicorn installed ssr8 in hold, Ursa in for traveling and the ta9 for combat, ward, awcs, nos, rr+ installed and the intolerance and martyr's in the hold and maybe a ehtag or a hack device from the vindis ghost ship. For plasma duty and knowing I wont have a jenquai available I'll break the hellbore out.(fish raids i always carry the ya zi long). I have tried a dung cannon/flinger(See Other sections Thanks Dev's) and as soon as I run out of ammo Meah. I still like biles better but for a raid the flinger might be worth the reactor cap buff, the dps is well middle of the road at best.


TT See the other post no need to rehash it here.


TS: My favorite miner


The guns and other gear are listed I'll go into specifics here for anything outstanding from the others


Shields HFF bastion 8 skull if you can get it.

Reactor sn8, ssr8, theo, wh8, pleiades

Devices ward/awcs-golden tooth(mining or combat)/ intolerance / martyr's and a salamander.

The ts can use the fornax devices for reactor recharge( I carry a b version normally)

Salamander 9 I can't begin to tell you how important this is on a ts.

I keep a gorgon around for those days when it's needed or for testing it's a group only item when progens are around or using a ballistic sniper.

The tooth covers the reactor cap buff and prospect skill buff the awcs is a higher reactor cap for combat you can use them interchangeably.

ivory ward/tolerance survivability.

if you mainly mine on a ts then a scouts revenge for hull patch isn't a bad idea.

tactical advantage 9(agrippa) js skill buff and reduced debt from death.

Nos.. on a ts of course.

Intolerance combat




I probably missed a few uniques and stuff please post your finds and ideas and comments below, I'd like to see what others have discovered about both classes I might have missed(like goodhumorboy's reactor find)


I like running a js and a te as a group (reactor buffs and lvl 9 debuffers hoooooo)

TS/TE I did mention the lvl 9 salamander and explosive ammo right?

tt/pw a natural given


I've pondered the ideal group in the game it would be a ts driver(fast high scan js and hull patch lvl 9 salamander/gorgon) a te(rally) a pp and 3 pw's (heals gravity link impact/explosive ammo whats not to like)


Sarcasm and jokes were added for levity and to amuse and titilate myself and others. Spelling errors.. probably, missed spaces yes..

Enjoy 3 of the 4 fastest toons in the game and make a few jenquai friends and buy them reactor recharge devices (or carry them if need be)<-- This hasn't changed te's are still slow.(Add a Dung Cannon)


Please leave comments below.

This was written as imho Maybe others can refine it a bit so have fun and enjoy.

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Great post Magoo!

I made my own gear list for TE a bit ago over here http://net-7.org/wiki/index.php?title=Terran_Enforcer_Gear_Guide


Couple things to clarify if people don't know the abbreviations: 

Shield - HFF = Hyperian Frontier's Friend

Reactor - SSR8 = Shooting Star VIII

Engine - PDW = Prismatic Dragon Wing

Device - AWCS = Advanced Weapon Control System


Now my thoughts on the rest of it, for weapons I bring a full hold of Zet ammo and on my TT or TE can shoot for 2-3 hours continuously no problem so leaving out DPS so your ammo last longer never seemed like a thing to me.

I was surprised to see you mention the Ballistic Sniper as I thought it wasn't in game yet since the DB says it doesn't drop. I definitely want one if it's around though! Any info on where it's from would be appreciated :)

For reactor's all my Terrans love the Tang's Vigor which seems like a great balance of Cap/Reacharge until they can upgrade to SSR8. I'm curious what you think of this reactor though.

A 200% AWCS gives 4% damage which stacks with Intolerance as the buffs have different names (Missile Precision vs Enhance Missiles).

Lastly for TS devices using an Aquila Prime IWBS 9 will make your sig go to 0.0 which I love when mining. Well worth taking a slot!

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Not absolutely sure, but I think that the Ballistic Sniper is a mission reward.  I think the mission is given by India on Margesi station.  Will have to send Torrie there to be sure.

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I can confirm that the sniper is a mission reward.

As far as TE gear is concerned i greatly value the YLZ Hellbore atm cause of the TE tailored buffs it provides.

Great reactor recharge, the best hacking buff you can get and rally buff equivalent to the Sharks fin which can free you a precious device slot. Lets also not forget its the best plasma debuff a terran can get atm and it never never fails.


For engines i mostly use the Terran Advantage but when range is not an issue (eg you are boss group in a raid) the Intent for the Resolute will superbly complement your reactor and let you keep those area hacks/biocessations rolling.


Since reactor is the weak point on terrans and especially for the TE i would suggest to find ways to patch that hole. Sure a great capacity/recharge reactor will help a great deal (SSR8, Black Power 8 @good quality or even a Tangs Vigor) but augment that with YZL HB or a Devils Heart shield if you need to and combine with the Terran Advantage or Intent engines and the invaluable AWCS added reactor cap to help you stay in the fight longer. Raids are not a speed race but endurance.


One thing i agree with magoo is that TEs somehow are relegated to the bottom of the speed food chain. This is one of my few gripes with emu generated gear. Bring an end to the ridiculous NOS device and make the fighting more interesting as you would have to be more mindful when going into it.


Terrans are supposed to be the fastest of all races and not talking about warp speed here.

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Not absolutely sure, but I think that the Ballistic Sniper is a mission reward.  I think the mission is given by India on Margesi station.  Will have to send Torrie there to be sure.

Mission reward, yes, but from Luzzinni in the bar on Guiana.  At least it is now, not sure in the past. ;)

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I have a special place in my heart for terrans.  I run two TEs and the setup that I use it 1 wrath, 1 Dragon rage (for range boost), 1 castor and the rest are Biles.  I will sometimes take the castor out and run a bile in it's place.


Devices:  I run a Sai'li's Circle for HDC. Good Fortune for Critical Targeting, AWSC for my reactor cap, and a Seal Of the Dragon


Engine:  I will use the TA9 if I leave my Dragon Rage at home or the Intent Engine for when I have my DR.


Shield.  Black Power 9 on most occasions or a lvl 9 Bastion for when HDC and an extra device slot is needed.


Reactor:  This is the most important thing to talk about.  I run both my TE at 99% turbo.  This high turbo will eat up all but one reactor.  The only reactor that can keep up with out the use of a Martyr's Heart would be the Agrippa Level 6 Foedius Vox Redivous reactor.  This reactor has a base recharge of 90 u/s which acts more like a lvl 9 reactor.  It also have a very small cap which requires to use of a reactor cap boosting item (AWSC).  Make sure you have a spare normal reactor handy for buffing up and then use the lvl 6 reactor for combat.  This reactor/device combo gives me about 1100 reactor cap with a recharge of 120 u/s using the 30% boost buff.  You can shoot at max turbo and use your skills without fear of running out of power.  You can even spam max bio or hacking skills as long as you throttle back your shooting rate.

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1. The ballistic sniper has been in the game a long time( I wrote my dps lists in 2011/early 2012) Your ts needs to be cl 50 and you will need a few wierd little items to finish the mission.


2. I am trying out GHB's agrippa 6 reactor trick, I spoke to him about it and he says it works if you get a couple reactor buffs to help the recharge. I tried it briefly at the guilds rd base and it bounced around more then a ping pong ball in a dryer. If you are not sure about reactor buffs I'm still going to use the SSR8 and awcs and steingerds.


3. Engines I'm still baffled why a te never got navigate. Ask westwood on that one.


4. I'm not a big fan of the rage, to each there own on that one, I like the higher dps and sig on the ta9 it helps the healers not get plastered in the first 10 seconds of a spawn. TA9 = 8.5k range with biles and a caster. Not many out range or out gun me. But I am geared as a dps toon not a kiter. I tend to never fight with my te solo, he's ment for raid duty, Devil has far better survivability with the mobs currently in the game solo. Might just be a matter of my playstyle vrs someone elses.


5. Unless it was changed from my testing way back when the intolerance made the 3-4% added damage guns and devices useless, it over wrote the buff and stuck it at 40%. Can anyone verify if they stack since I gave up trying years ago? This applies directly to the AWCS I always ran one for the reactor cap buff, never the added damage since in testing it didn't stack.


6. Hellbores = te reactor killers plan accordingly.


7. You know you are doing it right when you pull aggro off the pw with just guns, you are getting the job done. Emp and explosive on the troller I'll pull aggro off of any pw that drives me. There is nothing wrong with a little bacon frying, thin atmosphere and your toes dangling from the bottom of your ship.

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The Update that was released on September 1, 2014 nerfed the Foedius Vox Redivous reactor. It no longer has the 89.9 recharge rate that is used to have.  It was change to 62.9 U/S.  While this recharge rate is still higher than any lvl 8 reactor that a terran could use, it no longer has the ability to keep up with high rates of weapons turbo.  I would now suggest a Shooting Star as the best reactor for a terran.  The Supernova 8 is very good and easy to obtain.  Instead of using the AWSC and the lvl 6 Agrippa reactor, I am using the Martyr's Heart and lvl 8 Shooting Star.  


I am greatly disappointed by the changes to this interesting reactor.  It only had 100 cap and thus was nerfed enough to start with to justify the original high recharge rate.  Using the Agrippa reactor setup burned up a device slot (AWSC) and took away many nice reactor equip buffs (i.e. increased missile range of the SN8).  Is there any way that this can be revisited and changed back to the way it was? 

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As a beginner Terran player i find this very helpfull, but i was confused by the  bile cannons, later i noticed bile launchers were ment.


Since this topic was started more then a year has there been any changes, example new and/or beter combos for terrans?

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