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  1. It's a game, you're supposed to play it.
  2. This is an ancient link:http://www.enbx.com/classes.htm
  3. I have used VMWare Fusion with Windows 7 in the past for a second character.
  4. Under the section Game Info>Game Statistics, the images are not loading for the various stats. All other images load elsewhere, just not here.
  5. You could also check this link out: https://forum.enb-emulator.com/index.php?/topic/8174-is-there-an-item-drop-list/
  6. Yes, it has been like this since at least Wednesday.
  7. Pretty sure I remember a Tiogacompmx from back in the day.
  8. He hasn't exited from nslookup before he tries to run tracert and ping.
  9. Have a look at this articlehttp://www.howtogeek.com/175722/how-to-fix-mouse-lag-in-pc-games-on-windows-8.1/ This may help you.
  10. I played most of the day yesterday, it was nice to see the effort put forth by Pakkrat in the General channel. Kind of reminded me of live-with people discovering new content and having fun...   This event makes people look for something, not show them where it is. Console games of today coddle users by showing them which direction to find something, there is no adventure in that. I commend Pakkrat for this event!
  11. I play a single PW, and I noticed immediately that ammo manufacturing costs were out of whack. I mentioned it in General on Friday night. I don't have billions of credits, and I don't macro, I don't even do jobs. 18 stacks of L6 Mortar Plasma @35000/stack was 630,000 and for what I was doing on Friday night was barely being covered by loot. Projectile was even more.  I have already paid for the stacks of components required to make the ammo, but that also needs to be factored in. I have L6 Build and my Char is L130.
  12. I can buy a stack of Mortar Ammo for 2800 but it costs 49600 to make, doesn't seem right.   Looks like it's been fixed.
  13. I have seen this as well. Mortar-Plasma 35000 Mortar-Projectile 49600   Almost no profit for 4 hours work   Maybe the 30% Holiday bonus has far-reaching effects?
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