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  1. Collect them all!

  2. Awesome, thanks   I'm guessing there are no websites still alive that give out this info?
  3. I'm looking where to level my combat. I know there was a website years ago that listed MOB's by level and zone. Is there anything similar now? I'm currently combat level 22 (TE) and I want to start working on it.   Any input would be greatly appreciated.   Spin
  4. I too have been frustrated with the building in this game.  Playing both original and new live, I also built in both.  Yes, analyzing and building was a pain in original.  But, there was some predictability with it all.  Now, if you had lvl 6-7 build ability and went to build say a lvl3 or 4 shield, you got build quality in the 190+%.  Take the car repair example, yes, you need someone specialized to fix your ferrari, but when you are rebuilding a lawnmower engine, then you should expect pretty good results.   I think the bigger issue is that not enough people are investing the time to build, build, build as there really isn't a demand for it.  Now, if we had BOE items, that would change as you would constently needing new builds instead of sharing devices etc between toons.    Yes yes, I'll hear the flames about that one but I personally would like to see an increased demand for builders.   Just my two cents   Spin
  5. They are used for RD faction increases. Talk to the RD in Glory's Orbit, in the lounge. Not the how much they faction they each give but it is confirmed, they do increase RD faction.
  6. The information is not outdated. You do, however, need to complete the previous build missions first (comps/weapons/engines). After that, it is pretty easy. Both my JE and JS have the skill so it works for both although JE one is easier to get Spin
  7. Thank you, I appreciate the replies. I decided to skip the bonus missions as this isn't live anyways. I did try the chain 3 times, and just gave up. But, all in all, I am so impressed with what the devs have been able to do with this game. Many thanks Spin
  8. As the topic states. It would be nice to get a walkthrough for each hull upgrade with what the final rewards are etc. I find it extremely frustrating to get half way through a mission line and then get stumped. Spin
  9. I too am having this issue. I really want to get into the game and see what I have been missing. Please help me out...I NEED it Spin
  10. Spin

    New Account

    I too tried to create an account on Net7. It just won't let me. It keeps telling me that my passwords don't match. Any help? Spin
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