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  1. It's not all raids, and it certainly is not the norm, but it does happen. I would have to search for em as it's been a while since I last saw them, but to be honest that really is not relevant, as the point was that raids can be completed by 2-3 people (with soling occasionally happening, usually for Scooter and Mordana). We should not be rotating content exclusively for such small numbers of players.
  2. My train of thought is that you can spend 20-30 minutes an evening here and there for a week or so as an individual player gathering parts so that you have enough parts to actually trigger a raid. Hardcore players, or those working together in a guild (and that's a good portion of the player base right now tbh from what I'm seeing), will gather the parts significantly quicker and spawn raids on a regular basis anyway. With this system there will almost always be someone trying to get help with the raids they have triggers for, so there won't be a shortage of raids.
  3. Below are suggestions for a revamp for how bosses and raid bosses currently work, this is actually the system I was working on back when I was working on the Emu when I was working on mob loot and raid code integration. The idea is to reward players for taking part in combat in the game and to help reduce unhealthy behavior (such as spending several hours staring at a screen waiting for a mob to spawn or people trying to monopolize content). The objectives are:- Fix boss spawns to operate like live Fix XP hourly rates Integrate a fairer raid system Boss Spawns Bosses will spawn based on kill rate. Each mob spawn group which has a boss will have a timer and a counter, When a mob is killed a timer will will countdown, the next mob group to spawn needs to be killed before the timer expires. Successfully killing it resets the timer and adds ‘1’ to the counter, failing to kill it drops the counter by ‘1’. As the counter increases, mob difficulty increases, this also gives an indicator to the player that the spawn is progressing, for example in Cooper this was indicated by Tengu CL levels increasing and the vicious variants beginning to spawn. Once the counter hits the threshold the boss mob for the group will spawn and the counter will be reset to zero. (Almost all major bosses in Live worked like this, including the DT and Mordana raids). The threshold for spawning a boss, assuming you maintain the kill rate, should take around 20-30 minutes to hit, so a casual player can happily get in game and feel they have achieved something. Some bosses could still have a caveat where they spawn after a certain amount of time to still give players the adrenaline rush of seeing a boss mob has spawned as they warp past, for the Warder and Modi’s Child. Boss XP In order to make combat as rewarding and competitive as ‘jobbing’, boss mobs will have a modifier on their XP (similar to the asteroid field clearing bonus). This will be effectively an additional reward to getting the boss to spawn. The idea is that killing mobs and killing the boss should supply the same ammount of XP as jobbing in that time would. Currently it is faster to level combat doing explore/trade jobs using spillover XP! By adding ‘boss xp’ player will be more likely to farm mobs and maybe even meet other players instead of just seeing them at job terminals. Raid Triggers To remove the gated content such as the long timers on raids, all raids will now require a trigger mission to be completed spawn, there will be a few components required:- Raid Tokens - All bosses in the game will drop raid tokens, the higher level the mob, the more tokens it drops (to prevent people just farming lower level mobs). These will be required to create all raid triggers. The number required could vary per raid, somewhere between 10-20 seems reasonable and attainable after a few hours of farming for bosses. For example:- lvl 1-10 bosses (1 token), lvl 11-20 bosses (2 tokens), lvl 21-30 bosses (3 tokens), lvl 31-40 bosses (4 tokens), lvl 41-50 bosses (5 tokens), lvl 51-60 bosses (6 tokens), lvl 61= bosses (7 tokens) Credits - All raid triggers will now require a down payment of credits, there is currently no real credit sinks in the game, this would vary depending on the raid, but should scale, so raids like Troller should be in the 100’s of millions mark. This should help reignite the market channel as people would now require credits. Unique Items - Just like the feathers required for FB raids, all raids will require a unique item, these should be fairly rare and drop off difficult mobs. (boss mobs would have higher drop rates), for example, The mobs in Ardus, Roc, Primus Planet and BBW are prime candidates. The idea is to get the population to work together farming for items, to actually give a goal for a group of people. Faction Requirements - The missions to create the various Triggers could require a minimum required faction, this will mean players need to earn the right to be able to create Triggers, similar to getting access to the Bogeril Chillipopper mission. Ore - To ensure all classes are required to make a trigger, 1 stack of a high level ore will be required, this will help ignite the demand for ore and thus give miners a demand. The main content that would be affected by this:- The raids that would require a trigger are:- Troller, GoBB, RD base. The Warder and Modi’s Child will also reqiure a trigger, but not on raid trigger difficulty, more like just requiring a unique item that needs farming from the mobs where they spawn. DT and the Mordana raids would be placed on the kill rate system (like they were in live). Raid Trigger Reward Since raid triggers would be far more difficult to create and require so many resources, the person who activates the raid with their trigger will receive a mission reward. Once the raid is completed and the mission completes, the raid activator will be given a choice of rewards from the end boss loot table! The Item will be 140% quality. This will mean that the raid activator will always get an item of loot, it will also create a demand for people to activate raids multiple times to get high quality loot. The idea is to ensure that raid activators 'always' walk away with something they want, but also ensure there is a reason to run content multiple times.
  4. Sorry, but the rotation system has to go and raid triggers revamped. During live the developers purposely created the Fishbowl to combat the negative effects the rotation system and timed spawns were having on the game back when it was live, it was an awesome development and is something that is now industry norm in MMO's with the instance system. I'll admit i was away for a really long time and came back a few months ago to give the game a try again, it was great playing again and the Emu team really have done an awesome job. I managed to level 2 chars to max level and started to raid with Damage Inc in the public raid slot, my observations:- The raid rotation itself is not immediately obvious and is pretty much hidden away, I have no idea who even came up with it or if they are even playing still? New people coming to the game are genuinely confused when it get's brought up in the new player channel that they aren't allowed to do a raid as it isn't their turn. Some raid triggers go untouched for entire weeks as guilds holding them can't get numbers to raid it (this happens a lot) or simply have no interest as they have all the loot they need from the raid. When guilds who 'own' trigger are contacted, even after a trigger has been sitting an entire week, they refuse to let a public raid group use the trigger. Many raids in the game can be completed with 1-2 groups, with multi-boxing, raids are sometimes being completed with just 2-3 people. There are YouTube videos of people soloing raids multi-boxing. Some of the 'Big 3' are literally now a handful of players multi-boxing. Server numbers are in a serious decline, checking the numbers daily (taking into account multi-boxers), the CCU is around 20 odd people, the population will literally be depleted within a year at the current rate of decline. Personally, I'm drained, due to time zones the 'public' raids usually happen around midnight for me, sometimes they start as late as 02:00. I'm happy to raid, but when you don't win the roll on loot and know you need to wait a month to be able to raid again due the the rotation system, it is completely demoralizing and a prime candidate for causing people to get disheartened and leave. I'm not saying the rotation system is completely responsible for dropping server numbers, but it certainly isn't helping and is a common topic brought up on a daily basis in game. I really think we need to revamp all raids to be activated like the Fishbowl/Gate Raid, I know it will take a bit of work to create mission lines to create triggers for Troller/Gobb/RD/DT, but removing the rotation will bring the server population together and help remove the contention in the community. With so few people playing now, everyone should be working together, not splitting into tiny little groups of people who dislike each other!
  5. Went back again today and spotted one, managed to complete the mission, is odd there were none there yesterday though.
  6. Is the spawn bugged for these? I made a new PW and couldn't find Gamma worms anywhere. I went to every single nav in the sector and couldn't find any at all. I went to ' Centuriata Way 2' and there were Alpha, Beta, Delta and Epsilon worms there, but no Gamma. Asked in New Players and everyone said it was meant to be that nav, I circled it in a 20km radius incase they spawn off the nav, but nothing, a few players even came out to show me, but even they couldn't find any. After 30 minutes of killing worms at that nav (to see if they were on a spawn table occupied by other worm types) no Gammas spawned either.
  7. It is working again now, but I also noticed a few weeks back that the steps were not actually displaying (you could see they were still there if you hit edit), either way, the issue seems to be resolved now.
  8. As Kyp stated, this would fall under 'fair use', unless you are making serious money from streaming, it is highly unlikely any action would be taken against you, Most game companies/publishers encourage streaming since it's free marketing, hell, many even pay people to stream their games, Worst case scenario is you get a cease and decist
  9. I've pondered if its to actually do with his user group and not his signiture? And yes, I have the issue with IE8, but putting the pages in compatibilty mode fix the issue.
  10. Love the chat in the warder pic "ef ef ef" :-)
  11. Until it is fixed it would be appriciated if people didn't multi-box :-)
  12. So using this technique you could prolly get yor TL and CL to 50 in 64 hours (32 each). So thats about 80 hours to 150 total. Thats pretty speedy :-)
  13. My main dislike at adding Chavez sectors to Sol is that it is already the largest system in the game with 24 sectors, followed by Aragoth with 11. Personally I'd rather see other star systems in the Galaxy get more fleshed out. Like you said, space is huge, so why clump everything in the Sol sector? :-) That said I'm not against having a predominatly Chavez sector, hence why I brought up Paramis as a good contender.
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