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  1. Wow, how did I miss this post all this time?
  2. I know the feeling. Some cousins and I were discussing music we listened to when we were young, and one of the kids thought someone had done a mix between a Pink song, and someone named Floyd. It's not her fault that she doesn't know who they were, her dad (my cousin's ex) listened to country. LOL Someone I'm facebook friends with was talking about Anarchy online (she met her husband through that game), and the topic sort of drifted. They started talking about other games and I mentioned EnB, and her husband was like "You remember that too?".
  3. My wife and I had recently moved from one state to another, and it was my second day at my job here. I was hearing reports on the radio while driving to work that there was a fire in one of the towers, and "unconfirmed" reports that a plane had hit it. I arrived at work and turned the tv in the customer waiting area (always tuned to CNN Headline news) just in time to see the second plane hit live on tv. Living in Wichita, and having 2 airports, plus the Air Force base, we had aircraft coming in from every direction after the order for all aircraft to land ASAP went out. It sort of freaked me out at first when I started seeing contrails coming in from every direction, before hearing that they had told all flights to land. We only had one customer come into the shop all day, and he was of middle-eastern decent. The store manager looked at him very coldly, and he left. I didn't agree with what the manager had done, but considering he was a Gulf War Vet (Army), as I am (Air Force), I sort of understood. I was a bit nervous about possibly getting recalled to active duty since some career fields can be recalled for more years than others, and mine was considered a "critical" career field.
  4. wow, and our squadron orderly room only used 8" floppies at my first base, no punch cards though. you'd think that the Air Force would be cutting edge even in orderly rooms, but noooooo. The did upgrade from 286's (a couple of 8088's still in use actually), straight to pentium 60's (weren't they the ones with the math error? lol).
  5. The emu will not run on win98, only xp and above I believe.
  6. I don't know a lot about databases, but couldn't you put a hidden tag on certain items and do a transfer to the net7 site excluding hidden items?
  7. 1. Shake, tremble, rock back and forth, moan. 2. Go play anarchy online instead (in windowed mode so I can see the status indicator for enb) 3. Play with the kids. 4. Put kids down for nap. 5. Play with the wife. Odd weather for us here in Kansas. Last week it was -1, today we set a new high temp of 72, now it's 36, Wednesday they're talking 7 degrees, and accumulating snow.
  8. I was gettin skeered! No website, and EBnotifier said server was down. I thought, "oh noes, the emu went poof", cried and went back to playing Anarchy Online (at least I could still be a Jenquai there (JorgX still exists there, it doesn't have a lot of members left, but it's still alive)).
  9. I'm mainly a miner/trader (I love mining solo for relaxation), so I guess I'll just check the forums every few days and come back when it's fixed. As it stands right now, not worth my time to even log in.
  10. Server fell down and went boom at 10:30, it's almost 2 am and still down. Oh well, devs are probably in bed, or working on something major, who knows. It'll be back some time. Oh, and Gepeto, they had to write all the server from scratch, not a line of ea code anywhere in it.
  11. 115 views, 3 replies, and only 10 votes?
  12. I also like the idea of a Terran, Jenquai, and a Progen rep so that each side gets equal representation.
  13. I don't know if the community needs/wants a separate area for off topic discussion not related directly to the game. An area for stuff like real life happenings, announcing extended absences from the game, computer/gfx card discussions, etc... I've seen a few topics under "general discussion" that would fit better in an "off topic" area than under general discussion.
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