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  1. Ok fine, starting tommorrow I will start changing the hulks! If you are going to be this narrow minded then so be it. I will not debate this any longer and if you want to openly say you are going to cherry pick then I will make it so cherry picking is not possible! Each sector will have 1 and only 1 hulk in it, Go ahead and cherry pick it all you want to Mr Tyran! Merlin
  2. Hello, I am betting players are cherry picking the hulk fields as the drop rate right now is way high. We are working on getting it ballanced. I will say that it is "VERY" stupid for players to cherry pick the hulk fields as what you will end up haveing in the end is nothing but junk in the hulk fields! In fact I have been checking the hulk fields and watching players mine them and if I catch players cherry picking the hulks I will start making hulk fields dissapeer! Cherry picking the ore fields is one thing, but the hulks are a different thing altogether and if players are going to be rude to their fellow players I will just do away with the hulks altogether! Now before I get those players that want to give me a long drawn out reason why it is ok to cherry pick the hulks save your breath as cherry picking the hulks is not something that should be in the game. One way to fix this problem would be to only have hulk fields with 1 hulk in them and make them so hard to find that you will never think to cherry pick them! Is this what eveyone wants? The bottom line guys is it is time to stop being rude and if you find a hulk field, clear the damm field! Just like the ore fields you get a clear bonus for doing so. TTYL :-) Merlin
  3. Ok funny boy, I hope you never have to ask me for help some time! Since I am the one who does the ore field I should have a good idea as to what is or isn't there. Oh by all meens please correct my spelling for me again! Merlin
  4. Hello, Ok, time for me to weight in on this topic. There is more then enough ore in the game right now to make everyone happy! In fact there is problliy 3 times more ore then is needed and I still have 1/3 of the sectors to go. Miners are "Explorers" and that is what you guys need to do is explorer! If you do not have my ore list get it and it will list the sectors that have each ore. Compared to the rest of the things in the game that have issues, ores are not one of them and if you are not getting enough ores then you need to look harder because they are out there! TTYL :-) Merlin
  5. Hello, Lol, sorry about that! It was a phrase that my 1st wife used all the time! Whoopy Twang meens to get all upset or freaked out. They use that phrase in the Denver area alot! TTYL :-) Merlin
  6. Hello, What is the big difference in the beams? One word: Range! TTYL :-) Merlin
  7. Hello, Ok I just read Lionmanes post and all I have to say is, "Have you done any mining in the game yet"? Most of what you wrote about was about players stealing the clear field bonus and that is not possible with the way it is set up. The way it works is lets say Player A pulls from 60 roids in a 100 roid field and Player B pulls 20 and Player C pulls 20. Player A would get 60%, player B 20% & player C would get 20%. If you would have done just alittle checking you could have saved your fingers some work! :-) I am always running around in the game checking out ore fields and most of them are untouched 90% of the time. I still have atleast 1/3 of the sectors to still do the ore fields in so as to some kind of "Ore War" I don't think so. Since I started doing the fields there has hardly been any complaining about players camping out ore fields because they do not have to! As to all the big bad mobs, well most of them are gone also as I am getting things setup for when pop rocks come into play. The fields that do have mobs should be able to be handled by a solo or small group of toons. I have done alot of work to try to get the ore fields setup so that players will want to mine their little hearts out. All I ask is that before you make such a long post about alot of things that really aren't a problem is to check things out and you will see alot of your concerns are just not there. Believe me I am not picking on you, but I just don't want the players to get all "Whoopy Twang" about problems that just are not there. TTYL :-) Merlin
  8. Hello, The subject of cherry picking has been beaten to death and I for one do not like cherry picking, but I got such flack that I really don't care anymore if players cherry pick or not. The % of the items in the hulks will be changing over the course of the next 6 months as I fine tune the hulks. Alot of the Dev's take big swings at things as to where I like to make small changes to try to get things right, of course this takes time I will say on the next push alot of items are being added to the hulks and that will make getting the same thing twice next to impossible. Have no cule as to what an unidentified item even is! If you are talking about the "aa" items then yes they will be going in sooner or later. I know everyone is in a big hurry for stuff to get put into the game and work correctlly, but this is the real world and to get stuff just right takes alot of time. I spent over 50 hours over the weekend putting together the item list for the hulks and will spend countless hours seeding the hulks as well, so sit back and enjoy it now as once things get ballanced out you may long for the days when you could find all the good stuff instead of maybe getting 1 or 2 like in live. TTYL :-) Merlin
  9. Hello, Well I have been hearing this same thing for days and all I know is that nothing was ever said to me, at a meeting or anything about any new races/mobs coming into the game! I would addvise not always believeing what you hear unless it comes from something that is posted on the forms. If you don't want to name names as you put it that is fine, as it is not that importain. The thing you have to remember about a grape vine is offen the grapes turn out to be sour now and then. Take my word for it that when something new like that comes into the game all the players will know it, but for now the server/content dev's have enough to do to just get the basics all done first and before anything else new is added I think it would be better to fix all the stuff that need fixed first right? TTYL :-) Merlin
  10. Hello, Sounds good Kyp. In fact I will make the changes right before the next push and will get a list from the 3 race leaders (Kyp, Kenu & Freak/Mr as to who really is the class leader for each class. I probilly should have done that instead of trying to figure it out my self, but I was trying to get it done as soon as I could and was already holding everyone up. I am sure the players will not have any problem with changing who they give the suits to. TTYL :-) Merlin Hello, Yes, suits are tadeable! TTYL :-) Merlin
  11. Hello, I did do some checking and made sure that each NPC was part of the faction that they were giving out. To my surprise Admiral Herrea is part of TS faction so that is why we sent the players to him. If this is a mistake then it is a mistake in the NCP database that the server is reading. It would be easy to fix this if indeed a mistake has been made. Just let me know if you want it changed. TTYL :-) Merlin
  12. Hello, Well I am the guilty one and if they want to lynch me they can go ahead! lol Tienbau & I wanted to make sure some thing to do with the hulks were in and tested fully so that when the push did happen things would be right from the start. I feel it is better to "Fully" test things "Before" pushing them to the play server, just wished that was the case all the time. Anyway, I have been testing out the new stuff and everything looks ok for the most part. TTYL :-) Merlin
  13. Hello, Not sure yet how those will be handled. TTYL :-) Merlin
  14. Hello, Ok, one of the bigger things that is happening with the content push is hulk fields are finilly going into the game. 3 of the items you will find in the hulks a called Half-Eaten Space Suits. There is one for each of the 3 races in the game. Now what do you do with these suits you ask? Well we have setup a NPC system where you can trade in those suits and get faction towards the 9 classes of toons. You also get trade XP for them as well. Each suit is worth 50 + class faction 1000 trade points. So as an example, lets say you are a JE that needs good PW faction, look at the list below, go to that NPC and turn in the Progen Suits. Lets say you are a PP that needs good TT faction, you would turn in the Half-Eaten Terran Space Suits to the person for TT faction and so on. So to put it in a nut shell there is now a way to get good faction for each of the nine classes without having to do major grinding. The 3 suits are:   Half-Eaten Jenquai Space Suits Lvl 8 Half-Eaten Terran Space Suits Lvl 7 Half-Eaten Progan Space Suits Lvl 6   There are 2 ways to get these suits, 1 is from the hulks and 2 from ??? <Evil Grin> Come on can't tell you everything! lol   Ok, here is the list of NPC's for the 9 classes: Class | NPC | Faction | Sector | Station | Where JE | Fujiko Ohiya | Sha'ha'dem Explorers | Capella | Paren | Lounge JD | Shou Shen | Shinwa Warriors | Sirius | Prasad | Main Lobby JS | Master Sevti | Sharim Traders | Jupiter | Joves | Main Lobby PW | Markus Kahn | Centuriata Warriors | Vega | Arx Tiberius | Main Lobby PE | Vinda | Sabine Explorers | Endriago Pl | Pourvenir Mons | Main Lobby PP | Zieg | Collegia Traders | Mars | Arx Magister | Main Lobby TT | Lady deWinter | InfinitiCorp Traders | New Edinburgh | Somerlad | Main Lobby TE | Stephanie Baird | EartCorps Warriors | ABA | ECS Dauntless | Main Lobby TS | Admiral Herrera | Hyperia Explorers | Planet Zweihander | Jagerstadt City | Main Lobby Now you will also start to find many usefull items in hulks as well. Like live, the non-stackable items will have a Quality rateing from 80 to 180% and a Structure rating from 50 to 100%. Example: you pull a lvl 5 RR out of a hulk, instead of it having a 100/00 on it it could be 150/75 (Quality/Structure). Now to get the structure to 100% is easy, just install the item and dock at a station and it will get repaired to 100%. The Quality rating will stay what it is when you pull them so you could get a Unquie, non-man item 180/100. You will find almost all Prototype items in hulks now as that was the way it was in live.   Now to save the 10 million question "Why are the hulks not responding" here is the timers that are set for the hulks:   Starting explorer/miner sectors (JE,PE,TS) 30 minutes Lvl 1-3 hulks 480 minutes (8 hours) Lvl 4-6 hulks 960 minutes (16 hours) Lvl 7-9 hulks 1440 minutes (24 hours)   The reason for setting the timers on the long side was to make sure the game doesn't get flooded with to many new items. Now nothing is set in stone and we may decide to either shorten the timers or even make them longer. We are also working on the drop rates so you might see small changes there. I will also say that I am putting together a very long list of items that will drop out of hulks and you will find different items in Jen, Terran, Progan & Independant sectors. It will be kind of like the loot drops where there is a common drop list and a rare drop list. Ok, that is about it for the hulks. I hope I have answered some of your questions have you have or will come up with the hulks. Fell free to ask questions, but first re-read this posting to see if I covered your question. Now you may all go back your normal lives! TTYL :-)   Merlin
  15. Merlin is now playing with Hulks! Merlin like to play with tinker toys! TTYL :-)

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