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  1. Thanks for the heads up, Kyp. andyou make a good point, Arthur. Admittedly, having a fondness for money, for now I'll probably just stick to EnB as a playerand stream things I know are safe to monetize
  2. For the devs. I'm an up and coming Youtube streamer, and an on and off player of the emulator, and old school player back when the Enb was live. As such I was considering sharing this gem from the early days of MMOs on my channel with periodic Let's Play streams. Given that I usuallly monetize my streams, what would be my standing here? Who technically has the rights to the EnB IP at this point, or with this being such a grey area should I keep my enjoyment of the game off youtube? Thank you for your time.
  3. Status: Starting. Progress is a good thing!
  4. it's been ~9 hours or so now. A this are we won't likely see something until morning. Probably best just to catch some Z's at this point.
  5. [quote name='Sleven.' timestamp='1339387478' post='58722'] Cape Coral, Florida... You would never know there was different seasons, as it's almost always like it's summer here. [/quote] Tell me about it, Sleven. Most states/cities wish for a white X-mas. Here? we wish for a day cool enough we can turn the AC off.
  6. [quote name='Shriekes' timestamp='1339388385' post='58728'] That makes much more sense. As far as I know the server has been down all day and I haven't seen an update or reason posted yet, which leads me to believe it's nothing too serious (hopefully). [/quote] It's a sunday, it's late, likely many/most of them are in bed for work tomorrow or otherwise occupied. Ah well, more time playing Minecraft for me
  7. Just to put my 2 quatloos in. I play a TS as my main, consistently, even from very early levels (like CL 5), I've been able to kite things well over 10 levels above me with a minimum of effort. No special abilities, no powers, just a matter of engine speed and the range on missile launchers. Things that could erase me in 10 seconds, I keep in a range where I can take my sweet time killing them. granted, it often takes me up of 10 minutes per mob to do so. As such, should missile launchers be range nerfed? should terran numbers for speed be nerfed? more importantly, will I be able to do this same thing at raid levels? I'm genuinely curious here, as it does seriously feel that my TS at CL 5 was far more capable than my PW at comparable CL.
  8. Lake City, FL, USA TS 62 AlianaTS JD 10 AlianaJD PW 12 AlianaPW Various other sub-lvl 10s
  9. While i'm sad to see a player go, I'll say what I always said on the EQ and CoH forums. "If you're leaving, can I have your stuff?"
  10. It's Memorial Day weekend in the U.S. If I were an american dev, I'd be on a beach somewhere getting slobbering drunk and firing up the barbeque Given that I'm -not-, I'll just thank the devs for their hard work and grill a steak in their honor.
  11. Hey, it's all good, I know for a fact I can be far more blunt and crass than I need to be, and I realize that I need to take more caution in the way I phrase myself. That being said, I'm having a bit of a google failure. In that I keep hearing on these forums about something called a "Mars Construction Project" but google's coming up dry. I assume it's some crafting quest line for high end gear, but given that my max level in ENB live was 35 on a PW, and 42 on a TS on Sunrise, I can only guess such a thing was/is far above my level.
  12. No, I was talkign about -old- EnB when I mentioned players doing that The fact that people are nice here, and that they -don't- grief as far as I've makes me enjoy the Emu community far more. I see how my verbiage in the first post was unclear. editing it now. And regarding that post on the server status thread? that wasn't trolling. I do -genuinely- appreciate the Emu's dev staff to a great measure, I know they're going through a lot of work for no profit. I also know that I'm OCD and have grown a bit of a callus on my F5 finger over the last few hours. *shrugs* again, this isn't complaining. People have lives, I'm just very very much eager to get back to my gaming addiction of choice. Edit the Second: and before you think "People have lives" is trolling, Devs are people too.
  13. Indeed, I don't know if it was just low level or if I angered the wrong person, but, back on Live EnB, and I'm not sure if this was Pegasus or Galileo more than once I ran into cases of people healing a mob's sheilds/hull and telling me I better not try killing in that sector of space again. At least, I -think- that's what was happeneing, all I know is that they did -something- to the creature i was fighting and suddenly a lot less of it's shield bar was coming off per salvo Strange too, because I didn't think you could heal mobs in E&B. anywho, I much prefer the EnB of now, due to the fact that we just don't see that kind of grief tactic.
  14. 1:07 PM Eastern Daylight Time and the servers are still down with no dev response. No, not complaining, just a sign of how appreciative I am of your work.
  15. Someone get the server hamster some crystal meth so he'll keep running
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