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  1. tsaavik

    Web Portal: Suggestions

    Hey all, As a recent new player to Sunset (played on live). One of the things I find myself constantly wondering about is what gear other players are using in the game. I was wondering if it would be possible to add a text field entry to the 'ship info' tab that would allow us to put in other avatar's (not our own) names. I imagine some people may not want to share, so maybe the Avatar privacy toggle for 'Public Builds' could do double duty to hide their 'ship builds' ( as well as their recipes books)
  2. tsaavik

    Refresh ship tab display?

    Followed me on 2 different computers. Just did a manual logout/login, that fixed it
  3. Is there a way for me to refresh the ship tab? My avatar 'tsaavik' is stuck displaying equipped items from a few weeks ago Thanks!
  4. tsaavik

    Faction Turnin question

    I understand you lose faction for killing say a Vrix Scout. But strangely the Vrix Oracle is suppose to give you positive faction for turning in the bits (Maybe the vrix see the bits as a form of re-armament?). Are you saying the Oracle will give me the credit and XP awards but negative Vrix faction instead of positive unless I launder the chitin through a vault transfer? Thanks, and I'll update the wiki with this info once I fully understand
  5. When doing faction turn ins (Chitin bits, Gene maps, Mahjong tiles, etc) https://www.net-7.org/wiki/index.php/Item_Turn-Ins . Do the normal faction losses with the opposing factions still occur as shown in https://www.net-7.org/?#faction_chart ?
  6. tsaavik

    Call Forwarding build skills

    Thank you, this is great news I added this info to the 'call forward' entry in the wiki.
  7. tsaavik

    Call Forwarding build skills

    I was thinking of leveling my Build Shields and Build Devices skills on my PS to level 5 to do the Stage I Agrippa missions before I hit OL135. If I then have another PS 'Call Forward' those two Build skills, will I keep my learned recipes, and be able to continue the missions later (once I skill them back up to 7?)
  8. tsaavik

    Progen Sentinel Loadout

    Based on your input here (and others) i've started work on the following wiki page https://www.net-7.org/wiki/index.php/Progen_Sentinel_Gear_Guide I could defintly use some help
  9. tsaavik

    Menence skill for PS?

    Vrix all over primus now, safer to mine in mars, near the gates
  10. tsaavik

    Returning Player getting INV-300

    Thanks so much KSerge, Karu and Cipher!! Just incase it helps a future adventurer, I always got the website served in IE (and chrome) properly with the (bad|outdated) X1 cert. So that is not a good test for the old cert, you have to check you certificate store.
  11. tsaavik

    Returning Player getting INV-300

    Uninstalled X1 cert, installed X3 cert, turned on certificate revocation check, rebooted and i'm in the game. Note: IE still shows Valid=False on sunrise auth page BTW I participated in the Lets Encrypt Alpha, so that might be one reason I had the older certificate...
  12. tsaavik

    Returning Player getting INV-300

    Sorry, I don't seem to have a 'user certificate' management system that I can find. I'm running Windows 7 SP1. Update: I ran certmgr.msc, and I have the lets encrypt authority X1, issued by DST root CA X3, expires 10/19/2020 I'll delete and test with revocation turned back on tonight.
  13. tsaavik

    Returning Player getting INV-300

    This fixed mine also. Although IE still shows Valid=false
  14. tsaavik

    Returning Player getting INV-300

    Thank you for the other things to check!! No luck yet 1. No overrides in hosts file. Just one entry for a local machine. 2. IE connects fine, but shows Valid=False 3. No proxys defined under 'Internet Properties->Connections' 4. I Have Avast, but I selected 'disable all shields' for 1 hour. I also uninstalled the IE plugin, no change.
  15. tsaavik

    Returning Player getting INV-300

    I Don't have a EACom in my registry at HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE But I do have one here HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\EACom\AuthAuth (Note: I do have WoW installed) default = (blank) AuthLoginBaseService=AuthLogin AuthLoginServer=www.ea.com SSLRetry= 0x00000000 I tried chaning the AuthLoginServer to sunrise.net-7.org , but was still unable to logon My Auth.ini is [General] AAIBase=AuthLogin AAIUrl=sunrise.net-7.org LKeyUrl=https://sunrise.net-7.org/misc/touchsession.jsp?lkey=% Thanks for your help!