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  1. Efialtis, you do know that EnB only looks outside (so outbound)? once an connection has bee started from within the computer no firewall will block return data unless it comes from an unknown source (optional)? hench outgoing is needed to be opened not incomming. if you have been opening incomming connections where it is not needed... it tells something about you not me. Cheers.
  2. Thank you for your patience. My understanding about firewalls is more then average. I will just whitelist the servers ip on the outgoing as you say and leave it to that. Cheers
  3. I stand corrected. i was not trying to flame anyone. I do know he is trying to help. What i do not understand is, why a port or portrange is (or can) not be given. and in his last reply and 1 earlier he tells me to whitelist the sunrise ip (also known as open every port to that ip). I have more understanding who firewall work then limited, and i have found in my work that if wanting to do wrong people can do wrong. that said opening a firewall with outbound rules does not protect me .... it protects you. like i said in my first mail, the game works like a charm under wine in ubuntu. as long as i open the firewall in the outbound direction. so my problem is limited. again not flaming just bad in english.
  4. Thanks for your answer, basicly you tell me that you do not know what ports are used or that the number of ports used are very large that a firewall is useless. cheers.
  5. port 43 is a typo port 443 is what i was trying to write. i do not use NAT. Cheers.
  6. I am running it on ubuntu within wine (os win xp) Current version 540 My local ip is correct yes it is online (and now i know what the number is for) and displaying 95 users at this point. I run it in wine cause there is runs better then on my win7/-10 machine the only problem i have is the firewall. I can't whitelist those 2 programs cause of the emulator the true program does not show. it run's with the firewall up until server connect just before i need to enter username/password. it run's with the firewall down as if the game was designed for ubuntu. Hope it helps you to help me. just to be clear i know linux is not supported, but i do not require help there.
  7. Hi All, in order to play EnB i need to disable my firewall which ports do i need to open to play EnB ? please advise: 43 is open (outgoing) 80 is open (outgoing) 3000-4000 are open (outgoing) but still can not connect to the logon server. Cheers.
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