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  1. There's probably no need on the emulator for it, but I just need to have a test bed to implement it - I guess I can get it all working offline then you can see if it's stable or not. There's other things that can be done too. I would open the source code too so ppl can see how to integrate ethereum functionality. But, if no-one's interested in having unique items (that actually are unique - as in, a one off) that you can trade and that appears in your wallet then I can use some other method. There's a few other things I'd like to finish off while I'm there (like another go at the 'waiting for master handoff' problem - which I see hasn't gone away). As to reclaiming my old account I remembered the password but it says my account is locked.
  2. Hi guys, it's been a while since I last rapped at you all! I've co-founded a fintech startup company which involves easy manipulation of digital and physical assets on Ethereum. One of the things we want to develop is a unique item tracking system where items exist on blockchain as tokens, you can see them in your wallet, trade them in game or trade them out of game, with an 'atomic swap' when payment is made (that is, the item buyer gets the item simultaneously as their payment goes through to the seller - as opposed to something like paypal etc which rely on trust). I am wondering if, with your approval and help from a content dev I could do a test run of the system on E&B since I know my way around the code here and the implementation side wouldn't be too difficult. We'd need to synchronise the wallet with the game, so that each character has a unique blockchain address. Then, as the item is transferred to the character's address it would appear in the character's inventory when they return to a station (providing there's sufficient space in the cargo hold). If not then we need a system where the item is in standby until they enter the station with a spare slot in vault or cargo. This way you can have unique items created and traded - I know for E&B it's probably not needed but is fun, but I think everyone can see where this is going (hopefully it will help with our burn-rate!). BTW my old forum name was Tienbau, but I can't seem to log back into it but having been gone so long I'm not surprised. Oh and hey, it's great to see this project is still here! I have been playing E&B as a normal character quite a bit lately (If you see Josher the JE say hi, and sorry I forgot that Josher was actually from E&B in the first place - facepalm!). There's a few things I'd really like to update in the process too, although I can't get too carried away as these days I'm accountable to my fellow co-founders. cheers, Tienbau.
  3. So the splinter team splintered again?
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