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Re: Missile Launchers - L1 Comparison


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In many instances, the ML & PL DPS200% values reported in the Net-7 Database are anomalous. Calculating the 200% damage has indicated that the calculated figure is often slightly less, by an inconsistent amount from the figures reported in the Net-7 Database, with a simple doubling of the 100% DPS value falling in between the two. If you see in the chart below something like 3.19 +0.10, this means to add the indicated superscript-value to obtain the Net-7 DB value; in this example, 3.19 + 0.10 = 3.29. For example, with L1 MLs, the observed differences were 0.10, 0.12, 0.18, 0.19, 0.12, 0.19, 0.11, 0.11, 0.01, and 0.0. As you can see, the difference value is not consistent, and the single NonMf gun's values seems to show the wiki calculation methodology to be valid. If anyone can detect where the calculation discrepancy lies, please send a message to Winlander in the ENB Forum. Figures calculated in the wiki as follows: ReloadRate200% as per Net7, AmmoDamage200% as per Net7, VolleysPerMinute = 60 / ReloadRate200%, DmgPerMinute200% = RoundsPerVolley x AmmoDamage200% x VolleysPerMinute, DPS200% = DmgPerMinute200% / 60.



I couldn't figure out any other way to attach a spreadsheet (can't PM it, and can't attach to wiki) so starting a thread here.

I validated that all the values you have match what is shown on the Net-7 DB with the sole exception of that 19.50 Dmg 200% value on the Brown Dragonfly Ichi; that shows as 19 in the Net-7 DB so I corrected that in my data.


I think I understand where the values are coming from now, but it's still anyone's guess as to which ones are accurate.  But the 200% DPS value shown is precisely the average between the DPS you got calculating based on the shown Reload/Dmg, and the Max DPS value you get by using the min Reload and max Dmg together after working backward to get each from the other and the shown DPS value.


I attached a spreadsheet showing the details.  It doesn't look like an obvious rounding or truncation issue.  My best guess is that only a subset of those values are actually provided by the game, and the others were calculated externally (and likely incorrectly).  It's fairly telling that the Reload values are to 1 decimal place and the Damage per shot values are integers.  Those are probably the only values provided by the game (as properties on the weapon and ammo respectively), and the DPS values (which are all to two decimals) are probably all calculated.


I can't quite explain how the convoluted averaging I've shown would come about, but if the game stores things differently that may explain it.


I suppose the only way to be sure is to to actually test it in-game and verify no resists or weakness on the target (i.e. yellow damage text with no modifiers). Ideally on a low level character so you don't have equipment or skill bonuses throwing off the numbers.


My gut feeling is that the calculations you were doing are correct (i.e. trust the Reload and Damage per shot values from the items themselves), but it's hard to explain how else those DPS values could come about.  It's no coincidence that the values are exactly between the base calculation and the max.  Since the N7 DPS values are the average, in the absence of testing, using those directly might be the best way to hedge your bet!


Overall I agree with your assessment though, something is definitely wrong with the Net-7 DB numbers!


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