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  1. Fixed the bug when rendering the embedded topics, let me know if you still see it bug out on your end.
  2. Hmm alright, I'll look into this tomorrow. Thanks for letting me know.
  3. Oh dear; I'm not seeing this but perhaps others are? Try changing the Theme (at the very very bottom of the Forums) to something different then back to Default.
  4. That's pretty wild; happy that you didn't have any errors or glitches too. Thank you for running that!
  5. Proxy failed to connect to server to perform sector login. Although I haven't seen this happen in any PTR testing so far and have no reason to believe that it's a server problem, I went ahead and added a bit of extra logging server-side. Thanks!
  6. Replied back to this question in your thread in the PTR section. Unfortunately, the launcher/proxy used to access the Play server are incompatible with changes made on the PTR. When we move the PTR update to the Sunrise/Play server we will also be pushing an update to the Launcher and Proxy.
  7. Unfortunately the changes made to the PTR server are incompatible with the Launcher and Proxy used to access the normal server. When we move the new PTR code into production/Sunrise we will also be pushing an update to the Launcher and proxy at the same time.
  8. Hmm okay, I may have missed an exception handler for connection drops, I'll look at this today. Thanks for the update.
  9. Hmm, if this happens again attach the proxylog.dat file from your PTR Server folder to this thread and I'll try to figure out what caused the crash. Thanks!
  10. If you are unable to vote in the poll then please let me know in the post replies or send me a message on the forums and I will enable the poll for you. (This happens if your post count is normally too low to vote in polls) Looking to gather some feedback from people who have been testing on the PTR. In addition to the poll questions: How can we improve on this testing process; how can we help you help us? Have you experienced any other bugs while on the PTR? Are any of these bugs unique to the PTR? If there's any other information you would like to include then please feel free to as a response to the thread. I really appreciate each and every one of you that have been helping us test out the PTR. Your testing and reports have been a tremendous help in working out bugs and improving the game. Without you guys helping out this wouldn't have been possible. Thanks!
  11. Going to have to call this a client issue. According to logs, the client just stopped sending data to the proxy as the transition process started. This is something that I'm hoping to start working on, although it's much different than updating the proxy/server (we don't have the client code, so it's all reverse engineering and assembly work).
  12. Just had this happen to me on the PTR server as well. I haven't seen this happen before but I couldn't really see anything wrong with the proxy and packets from the debugger or logfile so I'm thinking this is some kind of client problem. Using "/wormhole IO" ported me over to IO and fixed everything, so whatever the problem is resolves itself after a sector change. I will be investigating this further.
  13. Client crash not caused by server or proxy so the logs don't show anything useful for identifying the cause of the crash. This is being labelled as a client issue.
  14. Proxy logs indicate a problem occurred with your network adapter or LAN rather than something on our end or that our code has control over. If it keeps happening let me know and I'll try to diagnose this with you. Thanks.
  15. Quick post to let you guys know that the PTR server is back online. Thank you for your patience, sorry for the downtime (we had to do maintenance).
  16. Sold by PTR Components vendor in Petear sector (gate in Saturn). Will also add to their starter kit. Thanks.
  17. TS should have ammo comps in vault. Alternatively, or if you run out, check out the PTR sector (gate is in Saturn) and follow the navs up to the marketplace. The PTR Components space vendor will sell you some of the hard-to-come-by components (like the Brimstone stuff) and you can get the rest from normal vendors.
  18. Oops. Build ammo was missing from the PTR at first so when I re-added it I forgot to add a command for players to go back and max it on their existing TS. Use /ptrenableskills to max it for now (assuming I left it in, I'll check)
  19. Same problem as in your last report. Pushed another proxy update for this. Thanks.
  20. Cipher


    What crashed, the proxy or the client? Proxy logs indicate sudden stop of both.
  21. Same bug as was present in Zarg's last log. Proxy update pushed a few hours ago adds extra logging for this. Thanks.
  22. April 11th - 12:45 AM EST Updated proxy to add extra logging around code which triggered an error in a player's logs. April 11th - 5:00 AM EST Updated proxy to rework some code and remove logging for issues which are now resolved. April 11th - 3:30 PM EST Fixed guild actions (promote, demote, kick). Added a new PTR-only sector which contains a few space vendors for commonly needed items on the PTR. You can find the gate to this sector in Saturn.
  23. Proxy log indicates that one of the networking threads deadlocked. Looking back through this code, I don't see how it could have deadlocked so I added extra logging to all of the relevant code to try and figure out what happened. This is the first time that this has shown up in a log so I'm quite clueless without it happening again with extra logging. Thanks.
  24. It looks like really bad timing with the login server restarting itself right as your client went to perform the sector handoff/login. This is something I will be improving on tonight. Thanks.
  25. April 10th - 11:40 PM EST Updated server to include max Chavez, Bogeril, and V'rix faction in /ptrsetupcharacter and /ptrfaction.
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