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  1. Missions available

    Honestly, I never paid attention to that tab before. lol. Thanks for that tidbit.
  2. Missions available

    I was thinking more of NPC only missions showing in the HUD. Not sure it's feasible, was just a brain storm. I was thinking of the paper trail involved with multiple toons to keep track of who did what NPC mission.
  3. Missions available

    Just an idea and I'm not sure it's been mentioned before, but I think it would be neat if I could target a base and the HUD tells me if there are missions available from that base. No missions, no HUD message.
  4. Been missing you in game. I hope all is well?!

  5. SERVER STATUS (current)

    What is going on with the server? Good lord, just got comfortable, got a nice hot, crackling fire going and boom, down goes the server.
  6. SERVER STATUS (current)

    It was going great in the RD Raid!! I guess the base lives another day!