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  1. >> 1. no changes to the client allowed   So where are the new skills coming from?  JE's of 2002 were able to wormhole to Witberg, Vishao and Venus?  I don't think so.   >> 3. so now every chat tree is going to have to do not only a class check, profession check and race check>   I don't see why that'd be needed.  At most, each specialization skill would need to have a modified chat tree, so if there are 5 specialization skills for combat, trade, exploration that's 15 checks to add, an easy task for the amazing Talk Tree Editor.   >> 5. What about the PS that didn't have those 6 weap slots to get to 150.   You seem to be talking about hull upgrades, which is not what this post is about.
  2. Yup, 9 professions aren't enough!   I recently came back from a long break and was pleasantly surprised to discover new skills for most professions (such as new wormhole destinations for the jenquai explorer).  That got me thinking that those new destinations are a perfect addition to a JE that wants to specialize in travel.  However other JEs may want to specialize in combat or trade.   So rather than providing everyone in the 9 basic professions with the same new skills, why not have those new skills be part of a specialization?  There`s no problem with equipment restrictions: the specialized classes are still one of the 3 base races and one of the base 9 professions.  They only differ in their skillsets.   A possible implementation would be to give every skill to every profession but control their access via the chat/mission data.  For example: Hello Progen Sentinel, you wish to learn how to build reactors?  Sadly you chose to specialize in combat rather than trade.  Your brain just couldn't handle all that information!   On the downside, I wonder if the client would handle displaying so many skills...
  3. I too was attacked by Santa, in the Earth sector, at the GETCo 2 nav.  I had previously aggroed the Weed Poppers at the GETCo 1 nav, warped away (north east, toward Nav Group Shrine) and then warped back to GETCo 2 nav.   When I was podded those Weed Poppers were getting back into range.  Could Santa react to being in combat?
  4. Other TS were also talking about the TS hull upgrade mission, some being nervous about not getting it from the start (i.e. level 10). It's good that it can be done but I'm ambivalent about having it taking up one of the few mission slots, especially if you are planning on adding many missions. I did see a new mission from Net7, where you have to take the side of either the Terrans of the Progens. That sounds like a fun addition. Kudos to all involved for the innovation. As soon as I get some free time I'll try those out. >> David is pending a rewrite on the talktree editor I was really proud of the ability to "simulate" a conversation within that editor, to be able to go through every branch and make sure they jumped to the right texts. However I never got feedback on whether it was useful or not. But still, it felt great to program that feature in about 10-15 minutes; very little time for such a neat feature (at least _I_ found it fun and useful). To David, sorry for the state of the code. I should have used more "class" rather than "switch" all over the place. It would have made it much easier to add new features, conditions, states, etc. On a side note, I mentioned the work I did on those tools during a job interview last january, a job which I got by the way. It was fun to talk about having some practical experience programming in C# and being enthousiastic about the work I had one. I'm certain it contributed to my being hired.
  5. Back subject. I did receive the level 30 hull upgrade mission however once completed it removed itself from the mission list; it did not stay to tell me to come back to missy at level 50.
  6. [quote name='Kyp' timestamp='1312922453' post='44533'] Also, hi again Rackle, didn't know you were back around these parts. [/quote] Heya. There have been quite a few hectic days since I last contributed here. I'm glad to see that the project is still going strongly. It's quite a joy playing for fun rather than playing to test out the editors/server! On a different note (and thoroughly derailing this thread), what I enjoyed the most when playing E&B, both the live and the emulator versions, were the missions. These little stories tell of the E&B world and are quite often humorous. What turned me off from live was that I had acquired all the skills and only needed to level up aka grinding through the levels.
  7. [quote] Master Mission to guide progress through all upgrades. Lv10 from Administrator Luzzinni in Equatorial Earth Lvl30 – 135 from Executive MacKellen at Earth Station. [/quote] For those that missed the level 10 mission from Administrator Luzzinni (by being higher level at the time of implementation), will they be able to "take" the level 30 mission from Executive MacKellen?
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