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  1. Ever since the weekend of 13-14...shortly after the small patch, I am unable to stay in game for more than a few minutes before I receive the "lost connection" sign pops up on my screen. I have never had any issues before now, not sure what's causing this but I don't think its on my end, nothing has changed on my comp at all. Hope someone may have some idea what the problem is...
  2. Xxiled


    Overtkill's suggestion is, without doubt, the easiest way to deal with this situation, it "kills" several birds with one stone....and the most important one on that  list is, we as players solve the problem ourselves eliminating the need for Dev's to get involved, as if they have so much time to spare for our petty quarrels......   I vote we include some of the smaller boss kills into the already existing raid schedule...and for those in smaller guilds that need help, the larger guilds will assist them. Done deal....
  3. Evermore, I can't thank you enough for addressing this issue, restores my faith in the system, honestly I though my post would be ignored. I didn't want to sound like a sniveler...just wanted to express some frustration on a subject that tons of people are talking about....   Again, thank you Evermore.... :)
  4. Without  doubt this is most likely the millionth time someone has posted on this subject, but I'm going to do it anyway....   I find the drop rate on the Plagues Bite to be....painful....ridiculous...a bottle neck for the community that everyone must suffer needlessly. I've heard from some that say they camped Desash for over a month....killed him in excess of 160 times before a PB finally dropped. Is this how some define "enjoyable playing experience".? I don't and I'm guessing most don't either. Don't get me wrong, I don't want a hand out but consider the difference it would make if the drop rate was just doubled.....reducing it to a 2 week camp....or only having to kill him 80 times before it dropped.....even that seems excessive but would be better.   I'm sure everyone has their own personal gripes about something  in the game, but for me this is really the only issue I have a problem with, other than people quitting the game with my feathers in their vault....
  5. Nothing in mission log, reached lvl 100, talked to McKellum she sends me to yeager shipyard..no talk tree at shipyard...mcKellum's talk tree just loops...
  6. Indeed...only one problem with this theory Floss, the person in question was wittnessed by several people after, this incedent, killing BBG solo, everyone that saw this said he killed him in 15 seconds or less,they watched him kill muntiple mobs the same way... the people that saw this all agreed that the player killed him much faster than a full group could. And I want to add, since this seems to be an issue with everyone, the group that saw him were from several different guilds. So no KS involved, no group involved, just single player killing single mob..and TANKING BBG...not moving killing him faster than a full group...theories?
  7. On behalf of all those whom seek the truth, we thank you Kyp
  8. Floss, you cherry picked my post quite well, but you didnt answer my last question, I'll reitorate it.. "How does a single player, (without a spitter)even; solo Blackbeard and kill him in 15 seconds or less"? PS: I stand corrected, I see you did address my question, must have edited while i was posting, i thank you Floss
  9. I am shocked at how a simple thread, asking for input from the community concerning an issue of simple "game mechanics" can be met with such hostility. The OP didnt mention any names, it didnt mention any spicific encounter..it simply asked how one single player competing with a group of 6 other players for the same mob..can out gun that group with impunity. This is not a simple issue, as some would suggest, of "learn to play"..simply put, even 6 "mentally challenged".. ppl in the same group, all lvl 150's 2k distance from a given mob, all with BIS gear and full turbo, plasma debuff and explosive debuff...can or could not be out gunned by a single player....who admittedly doesn't even have a spitter.. I fail to see why Static players are so defensive, except that the single player in question chose to identify himself, and he happens to be a member of static. Someone please explain to me, the level of hate directed at "Vonbon"...and yes that is the correct spelling, knowingly misspelling his name is an obvious personal insult)...and personal attacks on players in these forums should not be allowed. The last random act of someone that can't discuss something in a civil manner, is to hurl personal attacks and insults....now that is sad As to the player in question, several that posted here made feeble attempts to explain game mechanics...so explain this.... How does a single player, or any player for that matter..solo Blackbeards Ghost and kill him, and I repeat, SOLO him and kill him in less than 15 seconds...with a stopwatch..twice?
  10. LOL. well yes, I been working on replaceing this old "200" machine...and it would be nice to use something other than 16bit color too Seriously though, I'm seeing some people with 4 and 5 toons, all with sigs in the same post, I say..pick one..maybe your higest level or the one your most proud of..you know, the one you didnt level by using sucide trade runs..
  11. Muh nose picking finger is wore out...and not from picken muh nose...can we not maybe put everyones different toons in the SAME SIG please...this is getting nuts
  12. Most servers have auto reset function, but you may be right, could be a manual switch. Would think they could monitor this from remote though, even if they were at work. Works out well, most of us need to spend a little more time on the boards, just to keep up on current affairs
  13. First of all, I said clearly that at the time, I didnt know where the servers were, secondly, weather related possibly, and it has nothing to do with your "data servers"..its aobut moisture..and the line connecting your "data servers"...snow drops trees..trees fall on power lines, etc..or do your "data servers" not need power? FYI Update...f0x news reports that from 400-500 thousand without power on the east coast today
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