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  1. Yes... you're right. SP3 is enabled. And I appreciate any help. Should've known that they would need system information to help diagnose.
  2. I'm running Windows 10 Home 64-bit with a Intel i7-3770 3.4ghz cpu and 16gb ram and a GeForce GTX 1060 card with 3gb ram. Yes, every .exe in the net7 and e&b folders is set to win xp sp3 in compatibility mode and to run as administrator. I only had 3 of 4 boxes checked on the Net-7 launcher. I checked all 4 and it would still happen. I restarted the pc and it still happens. Let me know what else I can provide. And tyvm for the help.
  3. Apologies if it doesn't belong here. If not, I'll move it to the GM Public Support forums. Anyone else have this issue? It happens almost 100% of the time when I go to alt+tab back into the game when I get to the gate and I go to click the gate button right away. However, I play in windowed-mode, so sometimes I accidently click on something in the background and it'll minimize the game. If it's done really fast, it'll crash the game. I'll try to alt+tab back in or click on the game in the taskbar and it's frozen. So I have to close the game through the Task Manager.