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  1. EDIT: Please delete. I was a dope and using the main acct info and not the specific accounts.
  2. Pirate... you should take your own advice and... SLOW THE HELL DOWN Take a min to breath and maybe read the whole thread. If you did, you would realize that Spa is actually doing what you said. He's letting the other player know that xp doesn't need to be increased to speed up leveling. regardless, he was answering someone else's question and there was no reason to personally attack him. So chill dude. Most adults, when they're blatantly wrong, have the decency to apologize. With that said, I would respectfully disagree Spa. There is no robust quest system, so the majority of it, is just a pure grind. I wouldn't do increased xp as a permanent solution, however, I think doing something like bonus xp on weekends wouldn't hurt. It might also bring players back. I know I would probably login more and play again.
  3. Sorry for the late response. It happened on Sunrise. I don't think it's an E&B problem because it's happened with a couple other games recently. Think it has something to do with the Windows security permissions for the Program files (x86) folder. All of a sudden, I was no longer able to save any files in any of its subfolders. I had to modify the permissions for certain groups.
  4. Same thing used to happen to me. I changed the keybind for Take A Picture and it stopped happening. It also happened with the period key on a few accounts.
  5. Hopefully there's more than one person who can restart the server. 🙏
  6. Looks like it's down again. Got briefly in and then it stopped.
  7. Connection to Global Server Failed again.
  8. This! I've lost track of how many times I've forgotten about the spots, got stuck and killed. I finally broke down and dumped points into and maxed out whatever the skill is on terran scouts.
  9. Like Mouli mentioned, the Net-7 Wiki page is a tremendous resource to use. The map site is a must, as well as, the Net-7 site in-general. They're so useful that I have the map site, wiki page and Item database as my startup pages for my browser. The main page is loaded with links to resources like... HU - Hull Upgrade Missions Mob Farming Spots Trade Routes Tour Routes Mission List Leveling Tips Some additional useful Wiki pages are... Item Drop List Item Turn-in List Mob Summary Mobs Named NPC List Complete Ore List (With node type and possible sectors found in) The Net-7 Database page is great. You're able to search by Item or Effect. It also has a Builder search for crafting. As mentioned above, the EnB Gearlist site also has the same info. If what you need isn't listed above, search for it in the Wiki. If there's an issue that isn't found in the Wiki, it will more then likely be somewhere in the Net-7 forums. And of course, there's the New Player chat in-game. We have the most friendly and helpful playerbase.
  10. Still happens every once in awhile with just one instance running. I'd say like maybe once every 3-4 hours which isn't bad. I even plugged in a different vid card and uninstalled the old drivers and reinstalled new ones for that card. It's easy to reproduce if I run two instances. It happens 100% of the time. I send out the group invite from the second instance, alt+tab to the first one and accept the invite. When I alt+tab back, they both freeze up and stop working. I have to kill them through the task manager.
  11. No artifacting, screen glitching or stuttering when I play any game. Don't have any issues running any of the newer games. Keep a clean case. Opened the case anyway and reseated the card and cable. Run MSI Afterburner to track temps on the gpu and coretemp for the cpu. Neither are overheating. I'll try uninstalling and reinstalling the drivers and let you know how that works out.
  12. Point me in the direction of a debugger to use please. I should be able to read up quick and use it and try and reproduce it.
  13. Ty Lquan. I'll try in-game. And agreed... I didn't bother asking for total members. I would hope that, when giving the ~active number, they wouldn't include multi-box accts, mules, etc that are usually on. I'll update the op with that.
  14. I've gotten a couple pms from others that were having the same issues. These were the things I've tried that have helped to cut down on crashes. For newer OS's, if you haven't changed the compatibility settings for the game's .exes, follow the guide below. Then, based on tips I saw in in-game chat, I changed the following in-game options. I went to Options > Graphics and left Gamma Control alone and maxed out the rest. Then I went to Options > Camera and unchecked everything except for "Always Keep Ship in View". Also make sure all 4 boxes in the Server section on the Net 7 launcher are checked. It went from crashing 3-4x an hour to maybe once every 3-4 hours. And the graphics look much better as an added bonus.  Hope this helps.
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