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  1. I think the login in server is down. I'm getting "Server Failed to respond to Login attempt" on different machines and my internet is fine.
  2. Does Reclaimer Ort sell these devices anymore? I just get a repeatable mission offer from him that I have completed once. He doesnt open a trade window to buy the devices.
  3. Addingpermissions in AV and firewall didn't help. I got the game to work by running http://patch.net-7.org/Net7/Files/bin/LaunchNet7.exe from desktop. If i try to replace the existing .exe file in Bin folder it doesn't work.
  4. When I double click my desk top shortcut it asks for permission in the user account window then the N7 icon just drops down into the taskbar and doesn't do anything. I've tried running in admin mode even though I've never had to before. Reloaded demo and net7 installer a couple times and it still doesnt work. launcher installs update 542 then 280 and then just sits in taskbar. I close window then double click icon same thing. Updated Windows 10 and gpu driver but that didn't help either. Game works fine on a couple other PCs running same Bitdefender AV.
  5. I've seen Modi's Heart several times but have never seen Modi's Child. Has anyone else had a MC sighting recently?
  6. I have 3 windows 10 machines all with most recent update and a Win7 machine. 2 of the Win10s work fine as does the Win 7 machine. I am getting INV-300 on one. I've compared the settings shown on the Yeti post and they are the same on all 4.
  7. I had a big stack of looted components I moved from one character to another using the account vault. Will I get trade xp?
  8. I just started playing EnB again about a week ago. I also use Bitdefender and clicked on the I understand the risks...link using firefox and it it worked fine for several days. Now I'm getting the INV-300 login error at the Megan screen on 2 different computers.
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