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  1. I've seen Modi's Heart several times but have never seen Modi's Child. Has anyone else had a MC sighting recently?
  2. I have 3 windows 10 machines all with most recent update and a Win7 machine. 2 of the Win10s work fine as does the Win 7 machine. I am getting INV-300 on one. I've compared the settings shown on the Yeti post and they are the same on all 4.
  3. I had a big stack of looted components I moved from one character to another using the account vault. Will I get trade xp?
  4. I just started playing EnB again about a week ago. I also use Bitdefender and clicked on the I understand the risks...link using firefox and it it worked fine for several days. Now I'm getting the INV-300 login error at the Megan screen on 2 different computers.
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