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  1. Hi yes, I have the print I dismantled one to get the SOOA, in step 3 of the mission
  2. yes here is the mission steps for bonus-the end in sight Obtain an Amplector Omega Shield from a sentinel who is a Stage I Agrippa Technology Device builder. DONE Take the Amplector Omega Shield to Archetecti Scuti DONE Obtain a Security Optimal Override Alpha by dismantling the Amplector Omega Shield. DONE Take the Security Optimal Override Alpha to Archetecti Scuti as proof that you have managed to obtain this device. STUCK so on step 4 when I bring it to her as proof she says " oh it looks nice " my dialog option is 'more' and that just ends the conversation with her and nothing happens mission doesn't update
  3. running my pp thru stage I shields and stuck at part 4/5 of token bonus:the end in sight show Scuti your SOOA shes says looks nice my option is <more> and nothing happens the dialog just ends any ideas ?? thanks
  4. the inv-300 error at the login screen np though, everything is working good now thanks anyways
  5. hey gang , after the downtime today i am getting this error now I have tried the fixes in this thread with no luck any ideas ? thanks
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