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  1. Make sure the Server host URL is set to sunrise.net-7.org. I somehow switched it to dev.net-7.org one day and it took me like 20 minutes to realize it.
  2. Exact same thing is happening to me. disable your antivirus during installation. then whitelist the program in your AV before turning it back on.
  3. The packet optimization and reorder settings on the launcher fixed this for me. And making sure both enb and the net7proxy are whitelisted in my firewall
  4. Yep that was exactly it. I rebooted to safemode and it updated the launcher just fine. As soon as I restarted and the AV ran it ate the updated launcher. Not sure whats different between the versions that the AV is fine with v1.9.9 and not v2+. But I can't turn the AV off since this is a company owned computer. Is there any other way I can disable the mouse lock?
  5. Well, I guess I won't know if that works or not. Gets deleted by my AV as soon as i download it. not sure why it doesn't like it but the normal one is okay. Maybe that's why It won't upgrade... it deletes the new version as soon as it tries to install it.
  6. Anyone? Even a .zip with someone else's updated LaunchNet7.exe would probably work. edit. I somehow managed to fix my net7proxy.exe issue, but the launcher still won't update past v1.9.9.
  7. I seriously, seriously doubt a server that hosts ~50 people costs them 1k per month. 4k should be plenty for the whole year. They probably set the goal high in-order to have some padding in the bank when donations dry up. So yes, a new donation goal would be nice.. but I doubt the sky is falling if they don't.
  8. This is probably part of the issue. when I uninstall the launcher and try to do a fresh install, I get this error during the update proccess: Somehow I've completely hosed my installation now. I'm getting an error that the net7proxy.exe is an incompatable version. Not sure how this was working before but isn't now.
  9. Did you ever find a solution to this? I'm having the exact same issue.
  10. I can't get my launcher to update to the newest version. I've downloaded and re-installed. done the check for update... reset updates and tried updating again. No matter what I do It won't go to v2+. I'm not really having any issues except I want the mouse unlock setting, which doesn't show up on my version. I'm not getting any error messages as far as I can tell, I just click update and nothing happens. tried running as administrator and same result.
  11. Thanks, I still haven't found a link to it anywhere on the page. without that bookmark I can't find it. (maybe i'm just blind) Are the JS/TS/PP still incomplete? They seem to have way fewer skills than the others and are much easier to max out.
  12. Is there an updated character planner I can use for this emulator? I haven't played in a long time and was wanting to play around and decide on my first character again. I think it's been a good 8+ years, I got tired of my progress being wiped away. (do they still do that?) Or just a class guide that lists the different skills. especially the 3 "new" classes. I have no idea what their skills are, and i'm sure i've forgotten a lot of the skills for the 6 original classes.
  13. I just use the account linking... now that login doesn't appear on either of my forum logins. it says it is in use if I try to create a new one with that name, but I no longer have access to it.
  14. What OS do you have? If it is vista or 7 run as administrator, you might also try running it in compatibility mode for xp service pack 2.
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