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  1. I'm searching witch RDs are dropping the porcelaine Dog figurine. thx for any advice
  2. [code] wget http://net-7.org/net7setup.exe wget http://net-7.org/LaunchNet7_1.8.0.exe [/code] seems that these links are out of date ? i have error 404 not found error thx for update please. i'm new to linux
  3. ok, thanks, i'll try that does not work , same problem. After login screen........nothing. game window has closed and nothing more.
  4. hi all After downloading and installing both E&B demo client and net7 loader, the game was updated by the net7 loader and i was able to play a first time. Since i logged out, i'm unable to return inside game. After logging screen, the logging window close and nothing more. in the DOS window the last message iss MVAS thread running (or something like that) and after a few seconds the DOS window close also. can anyone help me? sorry if this is'nt the right place for this post
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