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  1. The skull is widely regarded as the best shield in game . Anyone outside the big 3 are not allowed to possess any knowledge of any of the best gear. Alas why no information is here.
  2. See your making the mistake in distinction between trolling and truth. Because you don't like the truth and why would you?   Daath - BI allura-static preekorb-static/vge? (pretty sure he belongs to one of the big 3)   But I am done with this thread . I tried to help you continue stuck in your ways and your average online will continue to dwindle :/   what was it read from pakratt   38-200 online it has incredibly dropped more then even I suspected.
  3. Funny reading quite a few threads and posts , It seems nothing is changing and a lot of people are coming to same conclusion I did regarding certain aspects.   The only one naturally still in disagreement and again from reading these posts that seem to fine with the way things are, Are the big 3 and trying to make any progress towards any sort of solution seems to be quite conveniently getting slowed down by continuous argument between the offending guilds.   The problem would be solved if they were quite rightly so told they do not control the raids and they cannot sit there continuously camping timed bosses and raid triggers so no one else can get near unless they allow them to do so . They have no say who does what when etc etc.     Funny reading quite a few threads and posts , It seems nothing is changing and a lot of people are coming to same conclusion I did regarding certain aspects.   The only one naturally still in disagreement and again from reading these posts that seem to fine with the way things are, Are the big 3 and trying to make any progress towards any sort of solution seems to be quite conveniently getting slowed down by continuous argument between the offending guilds.   The problem would be solved if they were quite rightly so told they do not control the raids . They have no say who does what when etc etc.   Honestly its up to you guys I have no immediate desire to come back after what I saw going on in the emu , However I once cared for this game and its disappointing.   From what I have red from the forums your numbers are dwindling this I can almost guarantee you is not helping the problem at all there is very little end game content as it is handing full control of it to 3 guilds is not the best idea, No one else can touch this content unless the big 3 decide they can do so or take a day off. If they want to do it (which is most of the time) you ain't getting near it.   Its a recipe for absolute disaster and not helpful , Most games survive off the end game , This games end game player base as it stands join the big 3 or leave , Which is why I suspect people are leaving people don't want to feel like they are being forced into something because the big 3 are being greedy , I mean read posts from there representatives the way they speak they don't even try to hide that they own the content.
  4. I warmed you what would happen if you gave the big 3 guilds the game on a platter .   LOL   I'm proud I left when I did.   The end game content which is essentially raids and the big bosses the big 3 have complete control of. So unless you join them you either mine all the time kill stuff build or hope the big 3 allow you join one of there raids if they feel you are worthy, You can't retain a growing player base when you give control to certain individuals who should not have it, It serves to cause irritation and people just leave .
  5. Read your posts very carefully people and ask your selves 3 questions   1) why are people mostly joining the big 3 going extremely inactive or leaving ? 2)Why is the player base so tiny ? 3) Why are updates now only monthly .   There is a answer if your honest and prepared to find it and its echoed in many of these posts.   And its the reason I stopped playing some time ago and many others have.
  6. numbers I havw seen logging in over months not made up most of the day its around the 90 marker it gets to about 150 at peak occasionally 200 . I've rarely seen it above 200 ever one or twice ill admit my numbers stand . I was simply pointing out games tend to cater to the playerbase and what is viable . I'm not playing as much now sadly to many people left I know for one reason or another I see potential but things do need to be changed in my view . I know its not the view of the few who come on the forums and I'm sorry if it upsets you . but treating your view as the majority view and trying to shoot me down often quite aggressively is not the way to go . I understsnd thst most of you guys that tend to respond so aggressively are in the guilds that can access these things with ease so you may not see the issues that floating around. I would just suggest that you take a look wt logins for halve a hour . or fly around looking for people not parked at gates or sat outside a base that aren't in the said guilds you'd instantly see that theirs an issue .(99 people on now for the record)
  7. anything above 2 groups is unreasonable and pretty much unobtainable for most unless the player base massively improves . and at most points in the day you will have your work cut out getting 2. most points of the day you get about 90 players on peak couple of hours you may get about 150 . very very rarely u may get close to 200 . just my 2 cents . 3- 4 groups as it stands would be requiring a large % of the people online at given time to be willing to raid which I see as unreasonable just my 2 cents. Also gathering man power gets worse when you factor in the fact that from what I've seen a lot of people are running at least two  accounts at the same time I've seen people running up to 5 regularly. which makes it even harder still to get the man power your speaking of to tackle the raids you would like  to make harder still . would also like to mention you yourself pointed out in another thread that only 3 guilds are really doing them as it stands granted the reason you choose was laziness rather then factual . My point is do you really want to add more incentive not to do the raids ? Is it really realistic to impose raids requiring such numbers with the player base as it stands ?
  8. solo as teaming is only viable for dual boxes as grouping is penalized so heavily xp wise its only worth it if their all your own toons, Which confuses me on a MMO *shrugs^
  9. Trying to stop replying to this but people making me look like the bad guy the fact is I know people leaving because of issues in this game this being one of them. I've seen game's fail . Because you try to say something you get shot down by the types who want to hold on to power and will do anything to make the guy look bad for trying to make a point .Because the majority don't come to the forums apart from the hard-core players who of course all is well for they can get everything so naturally the devs think everything is fine slowly but surely the player base widdles down and dies . Seen it before but seriously . I'm done now . On a side note when people wish to be open to more then one point of view /(which appears to be the hard core players point of view please advertise this in game forums may pick up in activity ) . I won't be using them often . I'm upset at how fast people are to dive on someone and say absolutely anything to discredit saddest part is I honestly believe if you went in game where the higher majority of opinions are and really asked around you would find a lot of disagreement to the view of the very few people that actually use the forums and that's a massive problem "the needs of the many and all "
  10. Ok fair enough I would strongly recommend you actually do some sort of survey in game not just take the opinion of the very few . My guess is probably mostly the ones with access to the big raids and I think you will find a majority consensus with unhappiness on many many things my point at in this post being one and keeping things as they are can only hurt this game in the long term at best its sad but I'm done with this thread in time I feel things will change hopefully not to late I can see this is going no where though not enough of as stanig put it the larger majority of the game the ones unhappy with things (the casual players) care enough to complain they just leave .  So yes I'm done with this thread . My points on things I think desperately need fixing are clearly not agreed with by the forums . We shall see what time brings.
  11.   This post saddens me to a point of not wanting to respond and uninstall enb . However I'm going to hope for change .It's not that people are too "lazy" to do the big raids its the fact you can't get near the timed raids generally . And the trigger raids if you don't ask the big 3 for help you either won't get enough man power or spend hours trying that's why no ones doing them. To say its because people are too lazy is beyond belief you think every single player outside the big 3 is "too lazy" the comment barely deserves a response if anything you've highlighted the fact theirs a problem . Way I see it 2 choices   1) Things change more casual players join the hard corers whine for awhile then realise they still have everything they had before just the smaller guilds have a shot now .   2) Things don't change it gets to a point where the hard corer's are the only one's donating . The casual players (larger majority of the game start to quit ) The hard corers eventually get bored no one's donating .The  casual have left all the bridges are burnt .   But it's up to you guys raids aren't the only issue their are others but this is up their with the big problems capable of loosing you your player base if you are not careful. I want this game to have a  future in it's current form I don't see it.    
  12. Botting is a problem and in my opinion it was a bad idea in the first place but we are stuck with it now and it is unlikely to change. Thing is those of us actually playing the game rather then watching a program play the game for them are faced with ridiculous waiting time's for jobs more so at the low end . and multiple ton's camping spots so we can't get a kill. Fun times we are playing in . But as mentioned I seriously doubt its going to change now it's the correct thing to do but it won't so basically just suck up and put up with the issue like many others hope things will be changed or stop playing .
  13. I think it would be nice to have a spot where you can find out exactly where items drop for the people that don't know and don't want to search the game to find said item more so if its a rare drop and they have no clue . You don't have to look if you don't want to and it keeps more people happy I don't see the issue.  (Which keeps more people playing)
  14. Anytime you have a small minority controlling the end game content it causes all sorts of problems and makes the ones who would like to do it eventually quit because they can never do it.  This greatly impacts the game and eventually the elite get bored and leave and there is no one to replace them.  It's a death spiral.  This is one situation that needs a good swift kick otherwise problems only get worse.  I've seen it time and time again.   ^ Finally someone gets it the point I have been trying to make for so long perhaps not tactfully enough...   I think making things more level as you have suggested is a extremely good move and if it happens will impact positively on the game .   Klyde whilst I disagree with your opinion its yours to make and if that is truly the case nobody will have any issues with any of these changes. Everyone's happy this way.
  15. Make some new raids that can actually be done within reason by the smaller guilds scale down the rewards if you think its necessary (I don't personally I think a fair game everyone should be able to get equipment around the same level)   On a side note I think the current raids need fixing it isn't right that a tiny % of the player base only has access to most of the raid gear in game as it stands (And nope most of it isn't tradable not to mention no one will trade the raid gear that can be traded in the majority of cases the raid system is broken beyond belief as it stands )   Just my 2 cents
  16. Raiding isn't a big factor IMHO since the only people that have any real access to them are the big 3 guilds. Since they are aware of this change in advance bluntly tough nothing should change just to fix a item of game content that is hogged. I think overall I see no problems with this change.
  17. Hm everyone's either leaving playing extremely casual or joining the big 3. Their isn't room for a fourth handing the largest majority of control to the big 3 meaning if you go near a nav they want they send 3 groups at it I have had this numerous time's they control said nav your forced to leave people will only put up with that so long before quitting.
  18. I thought the raid point made it pretty obvious . Since the 3 guilds in almost complete control of the raids are 1) B/I 2) static 3)VGE   on the abuse note mainly VGE and static with a few in builders.   and these particular guilds will force you into a position where you have to leave navs or feel you have to kill steal to hold your foothold their because if they cant kill steal you more and more people turn up till they have complete control of the nav as I said you say anything you get abuse. I don't have screenshots but seriously rules need to come in the big 3 need to be put in line . They have too much power its wrong . Unless this game's aim is join 3 guilds or spend your time being kill stole so u cant get decent items forced off spots begging your way into raids or quit.
  19. I'm here to speak about specific guilds . That utterly control the content to a point they may as well own the game at the end game people are given no opportunity's to enter raids unless given permission by certain guilds . The camping issue if you attempt to go near a spot they are camping one of the 3 bug builds do so at your own peril . they will kill everything u fire at take every single kill too a point your only way of staying their is attempting to ks them and if you dare to try and hold your own at the nav 3 will turn into 4 then 5 till they have enough people to ensure you cannot get a single kill . And force you off the nav if you dare to say anything point out what they are doing is wrong you will get a load of verbal abuse on public channels . So what I really want to know is are we handing the game to them because it seems as time go's on their getting more and more control . Something needs to be done quickly this isn't acceptable behaviour nobody shod control any content let alone a large majority of it . If it isn't stopped your sending out a message join the big 3 or quit .
  20. When someone restarts the server I suppose
  21. 100 mill per % yeesh yes i have more credits then sence but most would define me as a hardcore player. Gotta think of the casuals too a know quite a few at 150 who dont play enough to have much over a 100mill between toons. I think its to much simply cause it would widen the gap between hardcore and casual and its far to wide already.
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