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  1. You might try: http://www.rackspace.com/   I've used them professionally before and they worked very well.
  2. Updated google docs link. There should be 22 tabs showing now. Please let me know if its not working.
  3. Correction I misunderstood something earlier, I will see when we can get this content out.
  4. Daath,   I understand your concern about solo and I am working to address those concerns on the project I am working on. I know how hard it can be to solo sometimes and I want to make solo and group based content. If you have any suggestions on what I am doing by all means please help and comment.   https://forum.enb-emulator.com/index.php?/topic/9392-role-specializations-weapons-equipment/
  5. Hmm i'll need to think about the build procedure.   My main issue is people have been getting around the no-trade flag using a different number of methods. It's also alot harder to prevent trading between same account characters. I could see someone making multiple same class and giving all the spec gear to one char to exploit.   I need to do some more testing, but if the same thing happens as last time I think the current method is best.
  6. I was also just looking over this again and this really stood out:   manufacturing skill type waiver used in the MCP could be used so everyone could build their own non-trade items   What is this?  I am not aware of this.   One of my concerns were that not every class could build alot of items so only some of them would be 200% If you are saying every class can build everything, well then that completely changes things.   Edit:   In the event the above it true and all classes can build all items, then I would look at making the spec items manuf. That would resolve the quality issue. As long as I could assure they could not be traded with other players by any means, that would work.
  7. Knix,   While I like player made as well, there are major problems with this. Due to the way the engine works, you can only limit items by race/class.   That means if players were able to make the spec equipment, then you have have one PW able to wear ALL pieces of Cent / Guns / Sharp items... That would completely break the system and open several exploits in the process.   Do you really want a PW to have the tanking ability of the Cent, the DPS off the Guns, AND have the 6K range of the sharp? That is what would happen with a mix match scenario.   I have no way to limit this except to make them non-manu plus non-tradeable and only give them to players as a quest reward. That way I can be sure they are not getting around the system. Each spec is designed to have its own strength and weakness and that allows for careful balancing.   The ammo for the specs can be player made up to 200%, and I have that included in my DPS calcs.   If you start throwing hodpodge configurations into the mix it makes it near impossible to balance properly.   As far as quality, yes I am looking into solutions for that as well, thank you for the thread on that. I will take a very close look at that.
  8. I am also gearing this toward raids too.   With three different types they are going to play different.   Example for PW:   Centurion - main tank, awesome resist and massive armor - Grants group AOE shield regen buff Gunslinger - Primary DPS.  1/3 the armor of the Cent.  They are meant to move and burn their shields. Sharpshooter - Shoot from 6k out.  Cannot move or warp.  While in this mode damage taken is doubled.   You can also swap your spec items out and combine them with others. I will also be working on RAID SPEC REWARDS.   There are many many combinations to be had with this and there is not a one size fits all. I'm certain people will like the variety this brings.
  9. I played this quite a bit. Then I got to the PVP portion. I quit within an hour.   When you have to travel 10-15 minutes for a few seconds on combat, that is not pvp. I won't go back unless they fix it, complete waste of pvp.   If you don't like PVP then the PVE is pretty nice. However considering this is primary pvp game...they screwed it royally.   Whoever though making pvp spawns so far away from contention points should be shot.
  10. Crichton,   I think you are missing the whole point on this....you are NOT locked down to anything, what gave you that idea? This actually gives you more ways to play then before, right now everyone just uses the same build. Ask what is the best build for PW or JW and you'll get roughly the same answer with the same equipment.   Now you have three ways to play, TANK, DPS, and SPECIAL. I don't mean to be rude, but you have not really looked at this closely at all. I have been working on this for months.   Allowing a person to change specializations midway would not make them specializations at all. It would also open the door to exploits via certain item combinations.   As far as skills and adding more things, there are limits to what can be done with the engine. Sad fact but true. Also there is not much that can be done right now about multi-boxing.   Regarding the buffed items, these are not existing items, I am creating ALL NEW ITEMS FROM SCRATCH. I wanted to emphasize that last part because when all said and done this will be almost a thousand new items.   As far as buffs I am well aware of how they work and I am doing very careful balancing. Regarding your comment about the game being EZ mode, I disagree. There are many posts about people having a hard time, especially at higher levels alone. Not everyone multi-boxes...   As far as mobs, skills, and AI goes that is already being worked on, we can't do everything at once. Also I am looking at these specializations with an eye toward PVP.   It's already been noted and mentioned we are looking at adding that feature. The question is how, but this will certainly put more variety into it.   Look at how PVP was in live, everyone used the SAME build for the classes otherwise you gimped yourself. Not so with these specializations.   When you have a spec that can shoot from 10K out....that changes the game Then another that can nerf the heck out of all your stats.... Or another one that has massive tanking ability and is extremely hard to kill.   Look at the big picture, not the small little piece and you will see what I really doing :)   BTW the warrior specs are now finished. I am working on adding the missions. When I finished I will be looking for beta testers.   My goal is to have Warrior specs out by Feb patch, if everything goes well. I hope to have the Trader specs by Mar, and Explorer specs by April.   Obviously these are subject to change, but this is my plan.
  11. I can honestly in the next coming months there are going to be some major changes and content updates. Especially with the race / classes.   With the implementation of class specialization that will give people alot more to experiment with. There will be no more single standard enforcers, warriors, explorers, etc.. I know part of the problem is that there was generally only "one way" to play and one build to play with.   I know I am excited that I'll be able to play the terran warrior 3 different ways, each with their own strategy. This will make a big difference in PVP as well.   It may be too soon for the Jan update but I am hoping for Feb release of all the warrior specs. See here for more info:   https://forum.enb-emulator.com/index.php?/topic/9392-role-specializations-weapons-equipment/
  12. Well, would you be opposed to removing the "buff" effects & sounds?   If most players are finding them annoying and causing lag then the logical fix would be to remove them. I know I have had a problem with that in the past so I understand.   Assuming the others are of with it I'm happy to help with this. Tell you what, why don't you give me a list of the top 10 most problematic buffs and I'll see what can be done?
  13. 5 posts is pretty reasonable. If there wasn't some sort of check, then what would stop people from making many accounts and voting multiple times. Do you want a fair vote or a manipulated one?
  14. Existing toons will be able to take a quest to get their spec gear, much like new players. Trust me it's designed mainly for them, not for new players :)   I have finished the spreadsheets and will now start adding more items in. All spec items have been planned out at this point.
  15. Why? I think something like that would only cause problems and target them for hacking.
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