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  1. Yup I am suggesting that the original configuration of specific 'time' consuming aspect of this game was a mistake added to a VERY playable RPG in order to make it MMO and return MONIES to the developer/distributor. The current developers are able to do something about this. The players who have 'endured' to achieve, have the disposition of spending a lot of time for something and I am saying they got robbed of their time, so of course they thread jack and delute the topic with great ideas for something not relative to my suggestion. That is a diversion used in debate by the opposing idealogy.     To the developers of the emu, and the delusional people who feel an over abundance of stature, "I am amazed, I really thought E Ya killed it. Your revival is nothing less then spectacular!, however E Ya is a beast of burden. Thank you so very much, I left something outside the gate to Centurai, and it was their when I logged in. Gratitude /honorablesalutation"   -69
  2. cawl da cawps ihas been thread jacked!
  3. Thank you for adding off topic ideas and issues to my suggestion.   Reducing the amount of time it takes to accomplish leveling by default should reduce the amount of monies earned possibly reducing the worthlessness of credits.   Have good games!
  4. Hello, Thank you for reading this far.     Please reduce the amount of time it takes to gain experience. Not in any extreme way. Maybe not even at lower levels under ?70? Overall the amount of time spent doing mundane tasks is a significant detraction to enjoyment. That extra time I would like to spend developing more character classes. I feel that the significant amount of time used to learn a limited skillset is a design flaw from the original games requirement to collect monthly financial dividends.   I am unsure how to implement, or even where to reduce the time sink. I am sure that more experienced players know exactly where to remove time sinks for the effect of saving time and not reduce the amount of skill learned, or detract from the sense of accomplishment after achieving the character loadout and skill set a player sets as a goal.   Nothing extreme suggested.   I have been in the emu for around a month, I previously beta the original, and played almost till the end. I really enjoy the game again. But at my age, I cannot justify so much time spent without equal gratification.   Thank you for considering my suggestion.   Have good games!!!
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