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  1. Problem with the poll. It would really only be the voices that have been heard here. I think that maxes out at 10 people. Really for the rotation or any social agreement to change, it's going to take a meeting of all the leadership, and those wanting into positions to make that choice. And let's be fair, that meeting isn't going to be on the forum, it'll be on a voice chat if some kind.
  2. Abysial


    We arn't to that point in the story yet. War hasn't begun yet.
  3. Depending on your ambition and vision levels, you could also look into one of the many opportunities to start a business. Do your homework, but don't be afraid to try. In today's economy, not just the U.S. , the world has many opportunities for an someone to grab. But even, or especially with a business, make sure you save in the best saving vehicles you can. Keep debt low. Find a financial advisor you trust, let them guide you. For personal growth, read books written by leaders in the areas that interest you.
  4. Abysial

    Node Finder

    The original purpose of Pop rocks was as a deterrent against bots. I think to create a add on to the client, we would require the client code. Last I heard the floppy disks containing that data were formatted for Sims, burned, shredded or some other horrid thing.
  5. Abysial

    Node Finder

    Interesting thought. Question, is this something desired for in game use, or a browser app?
  6. Abysial

    Select Location

    An interesting idea. I have a feeling that a service like that would be abused a tad. It would also diminish the JE and JD. Wormhole and summon peticular. I believe I would have a hard time with that. Multi-boxing as popular as it is also in my viewpoint diminishing gameplay. But that's my opinion. Take or leave it.
  7. The public slot serves not only the unguildd, the the various friends/family guilds and guilds that simply don't have enough membership. It's not that they are unwilling to guild, they just arnt part of the big three.
  8. There are a few older threads that also explain some of these topics. As a newer member of the community I'm glad your asking questions and brining suggestions. There are limitations, and many of them have been explored on the forums. Many a horse has walked away barely alive. Tragically a few needed to be taken away on carts. Also I'd like to point out that while the forums exist, there are many players who don't participate. So we may have a community of 1000 players, only the voices that post here or in game are known.
  9. The server costs arnt 1500 a month. From what I've seen they open up the donations once every 2-3 months to ensure that the service is maintained. That being said, as I understand it, they have 2 servers. One the play server, and then the Dev server. Additional costs are usually associated with new software tools.
  10. Don't forget, once you max out one of the three, all future xp dumps into the other two at a reduced rate. Ie. You max out trade, after that 80% of all trade xp is dumped 50/50 into combat and explore. My warriors finished off their el by shooting and looting.
  11. If I recall correctly, assuming your talking about the little buffs in the top right hand window, this would need a client change. Client change is beyond our control.
  12. Shall we all take a moment, say a prayer for the horse that has been beaten. And then calmly step away. Somewhere it became personal and defensive. Please step away calmly. Thank you.
  13. While the ability to sell from our vaults could be considered a valuable tool, at current I believe it would take a client change to happen. I'm not sure if in your research if you came across other threads about client based functions. The devs can only add assets to the game. (Art, avatars, etc) other then that they can not change the function of the client. The reasons for this is two fold. 1) the client is protected by copyright laws. 2) no base code exists that they work with.
  14. Weapon turbo is the only activated buff that will stack with different %. In general you get the highest buff from 1 equip, 1 activated, 1 skill. When I say buff I mean the same wording, IE reactor recharge Other then turbo, the only other thing that stacks really is turbo warp.
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