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  1. Muther


    Hey all, been gone for a while (again).  Is there any thought on opening up Aquitaine?  That may not be the name...been a while...this was where the dark matter weaps dropped.   My apologies if this has been discussed, I did a search and nothing found....spelling may be wrong too.   Thanks,  Muther  
  2. Hey all...found this file floating around....was not on the as-released game soundtrack, but was in the code. IMO the best progen soundtrack Frank did...none of the original Devs I know knew why it was remmed out of gameplay on the released version.  Hope you enjoy if you don't already have.   Muther   [attachment=3063:progen1b.mp3]
  3. Having the same issue...couldn't gate or dock without ctrl+alt+del then end tasking EnB and restarting into new sector/base.  Not to mention I can't target anything to shoot at before I'm already dead :(
  4. Sad news, he will be sorely missed. I wish you and your family the best.
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