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  1. Feed this! How are ya man! Long time no see. Just spotted you on these forums, and wanted to say hi. :)


    Take care bud.

  2. Rip. I often wonder where this game would be if it had stuck around for 10+ years. One of the most fascinating MMO's i ever played, still better than most of what's out there today.
  3. Still got the corner on the dps market.
  4. Bleakend


    There was some weapons created by a DEV i will not name that were slated to be part of the forthcoming Sho'Da'Kan Nebula. Any revamping I believe will be both risky and time consuming. But I agree with Redd here; this is just my opinion but the storyline is out of whack and beyond repair, doesn't seem to be any need to be "in line" with anything seeing as how there exists content that is completely non-canon.    OH WELL DOE.   Also Starcraft 2 is an amazing game.    That is all.
  5. I gotta say. This is all greatly appreciated. Thank you.
  6. Anyone got any advice for a broke 25 year old? It can be about womens, cars, jobs, whatever ya want. I know ya'll go that wisdom; so impart of it on thy brain so I can improve thyself and yield the power of this new found knowledge on the field of battle in the war of Life against the unknown enemies of yonder!   I tip my hat to you wise elders!
  7. Bleakend


    Happy birthday Prre(make it an average one). 
  8. What is this "fun" you speak of? I always thought of EnB as a milder form of purgatory!
  9. Let the dream begin!
  10. Journey to a strange new world!
  11. And the saga continuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuues!!!!!! Dun dun dunnnnnnn!  
  12. Whatever happens I'll still be loitering behind QAR, moving things.
  13. Yo shadows. Those old forums are still up and I do remember reading posts about activatable raids from that long ago. I'll send you a PM with the info.
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