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  1. Yes, I remember there was a market in Live for these items.  Not any more, as they are non trade items now.   Why is that?   :blink:  and can we get that changed back?  ;)
  2. Ummm no.  ^_^   The animations the original poster describes happen in any field.  Job 'roids have a loose, bold blue spiral emanating from the top of them, and the fields often form a circle.  It is the same animation that happens when the Seeker does a reactor optimization  ;)
  3. Well, I only state what I did because I had the exact same problem, I believe, as you are having.   I submitted a ticket and Shaddex told me I had a "Piece of old code" that prevented it from transferring.  He fixed all my toons, end of story.   I thought it might happen for you the same way. ;)
  4. You are not having a game issue, or a forum issue, it is a Net-7 problem.   Open Net-7, on the right hand you see a drop down labeled "Webhelp" select "Support Ticket" and make a ticket on THAT site.   I had the same problem, they helped me. :)
  5. *Hobbs bows to "The One Who Lives for The One and Dies for The One"* ^_^
  6. The repair skill will only repair the "Structure" stat on items you have equipped, nothing more.  It will not affect hull or shield points, or the Quality stat on anything.   If they are already at 100%, the maximum for any item, then nothing will happen, working as intended.   These items usually will not take structure damage unless you  have taken a lot of hull damage, or more likely, have been incapacitated.  If you have been incapacitated there  is a possibility your items *may* take Quality damage.  This cannot be fixed with the repair skill.  If the item is manufacture able, it can be rebuilt at the Manu term, if you have the skills. If it cannot, the quality loss is permanent.  Lowered structure percentages on items makes them more likely to take more damage, If you get Incapped, get repaired ASAP.   Repairing items that need it will save you credits, if you do it before docking, otherwise they will be repaired as you enter the dock, and you will be charged for those repairs, if you have the credits.  If not, they will remain damaged.   If you tow and cannot pay the tow bill, you will not be charged and "Insurance" will pay the bill for you.   Fly safe :)
  7. @ Payne - You have done a rather in-depth analysis of what I have found to be the case in my more casual remembrances.  Thanks and job well done!  I believe it to be quite accurate regarding builders doing non-Agrippa builds.  I got my builders all up to 200% then did Agrippa with my 3 Progens  and needed to do at least an additional 1000 builds to consistently build 200% on Agrippa L9 items.  I am sure you know that when you click on the item name to be built, you get a expected result below.  ** If you click on the item name repeatedly you will get a different percentage each time, if you are not consistently over 200% on that item.**  One click on the item name does *not* tell the tale.   On component recovery I believe the correct answer is 2.  The higher cost item is the one you will get back 99.9999% of the time, barring malfunctions  (game crash/getting "stuck", et al.) .  I think it is coded that way so when ripping items that have just a one part upgrade in them, you don't lose the lower level completely built item.  While I have not checked, it is quite possible the most expensive item is placed into the #1 slot on all build displays in the terminal.  That would make your first reason also valid, although the true reason would be the items value.   Regarding Faction:  I heard from a Dev, who will remain nameless, that Faction over 10,000 is basically useless during analysis/building/disassembly.  I am not sure how accurate this info is, but I don't use build/analysis terminals at stations that I have less than10k faction with, and I am usually happy with the results, your millage may vary...   While I have not built the same number of items at L9 as I have at L1, I have not had any L9 items that were expected to be a solid 200% to be less than that percentage.  The same *cannot* be true of L1-8, however it is quite rare.  Your 1.7% seems to be accurate for me.   Dissasembly:  I ripped all my L1 builds for cost and because I heard that there is a "disassemble count" that helps you recover more items the more items you rip.  I am not sure if that is true, but i believe that it does make a difference, since my most prolific builder gets a surprising number of parts recovered versus my more casual builder.   Good Job, Payne ;)
  8. It should not, but it does.   That is how it is now.  We just pass on the info that works for those willing to get where they want to be.  ^_^
  9. Yes, it was boring. No, I did not macro it.  I don't have Carpal Tunnel....   yet, thankfully ;)   I just totaled up a count for a rough number of lowbie builds that I did for boosting build quality.  I have three different Progen to do all of Agrippa, a TT, for all builds except engines, a TE for engines and a JE for reactors.  I also ripped each item to recover parts and increase my disassemble count.   Twenty one thousand, three hundred and fifty seven....     roughly :blink:   I wish I hadn't, ouch! :wacko:
  10. Nothing I found 'outstandingly cheap', all things I looked at had 3 parts.  Perhaps others have an opinion.....
  11. IMO you are correct, I always used a L1 item.  And I have found that weapon parts are usually cheaper.  Things have changed from early after the wipe.  Now building just one item raises build quality in all fields, weps, devices, engines, etc. if your toon can build them.   I also rip and re-use the parts to build the items instead of selling them.  It does take longer, but I heard a Dev say that there is a 'dismantle counter' that we do not see that gets us more returned items the higher the count goes, and I feel that it has helped me in high level ripping.  Dismantling drops your costs from many millions to just a few million.  Also the most expensive item of the parts you use will be returned 99%, or more, of the time.  So you will need less of them in the long run.
  12. Yes, the Login server is down, Zackman has been alerted and you can follow and report failures here:   https://forum.enb-emulator.com/index.php?/topic/9052-server-status-current/   Report only Login and Play server failures, not lagging gameplay or other minor issues, since he gets alerts when people post in that topic, thanks. :)
  13. Talon fighters circle the gate to Paramis.  It is in Odin Rex at  X -120,  Y 90   If you fly directly from NavBuoy V2 to The Sinker, you will run right over it. ^_^
  14. have you tried this?  It worked for them...   https://forum.enb-emulator.com/index.php?/topic/9957-more-inv-300/#entry86358
  15. You can always make a help ticket...  BlackLung can tell ya if you are screwed or not <_<   EDIT: It depends, I think, on exactly where "in the middle" you are.  If you have completed all of Stage I, you may be ok, if not, I believe you are unfixable, atm   I could be wrong, I haven't been in your spot before... :huh:
  16. and looks like the RD trigger is up again, too ;)   4 pm EST 1/27/14
  17. /agree   You are not alone, same here, on 2 different comps.
  18. Playerwipe, all toons level 0 in newbie base.  Happened early November 2012, to all of us.
  19. Hobbs

    Gold Tokens

    Well...   I have 3 on three different toons... a PW, PP and PS that have all finished Agrippa, but to save vault space on my play toons, the tokens are parked on "vault" toons.   With the current setup of 45 toons per email/account, vault space is pretty affordable ;)
  20. Only one...  What time of day, EST, do you plan to start?   And many thanks for doing this again  :D
  21. /agree all   If you cannot get the Beam mission, called  "Battlefield Preparations" from Telum, I *think* the only way you can go is to talk to Beneficum Suggero in Magister Bar in Mars.  The problem is that you got your hull upgrades before doing the Stage I missions, now you must pay the penalty in credits to get a gold token so you can go back and do the mission to get the beam print.   I have NOT had to do this and it is hearsay from what I have heard in chat, but is is the only path froward if you cannot get the mission from Telum.   I welcome a more official suggestion from others with more experience for you Meladius Zen ;)
  22. yes, you need to fly thru the gate from Aganju to Inverness, then he escapes, and the mission updates ;)
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