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  1. I had this problem right before a server bounce.   Once the server came back up, and when I logged back in, it allowed me to get the mission to progress with those Freespacers..   I'm just stuck trying to kill the damn thief now. He's a bit nails!
  2. Ayako Ravenlock on Paren station (Kailhassa) will ID Ancient Artefacts for you.
  3. WOW, I'll bet that was boring!   Did you macro it or actually sit there an give yourself CT doing it manually?
  4. Hi all,   I'm stuck (again) on a mission from Gratis Augustus Var. I'm on a mission chain called Intelligence which starts out with some trade route investigations and eventually pinning it down to Red Dragon involvement.   On this part he has sent me off to find some Talon Fighters in Odin Rex. I have searched seemingly everywhere in that sector and found lots and lots of Chavaz, but no Talon Fighters. I sat and destroyed Defense Drones till I ran out of ammo and nothing. I endlessly maimed Chavaz until my hold was full of devices and again no ammo, and nothing showed else showed up. I squashed Iron Vultures till I had stacks of their guts and again no ammo, but no Talon Fighters showed up! I wasn't really expecting any, but heh, I had to try!    I have searched EnB support pages / mob locations, etc, but can't find anything on these MOBs.   Please dear EnB forum members, does anyone know where they spawn and put me out of my misery?
  5. Is there a guide to these missions anywhere? I seem to have stumbled across a far bigger quest group here :D
  6. wow ok so yeah they are there very hard to spot! Even 5k away from them (1x L40, 2xL39) I couldn't see 'em! The Ten'shao Takauji uses a teleport ability to move you away.. i.e. fold space.. sneaky jenpies!
  7. Qeistalan I just completed this mission ok. However I did also sit there chain murdering the little RDs at the gate.. so I gave up, moved away, and then later on warped back to the gate and killed a couple more RDs and then I got the shipment in my hold ...   So if you're not getting the shipment at the gate from the RDs warp away and back again.
  8. I'm having "issues" with the final part of the below quest chain "Sic 'em". The step requires you to find and kill Tenshao Tak'anuji near Outpost Ni. However the Shinwa Tak'anji can't be found anywhere near outpost Ni in Swooping eagle. The mob doesn't even exist in enbarsenal.com. There is however a hidden Nav called "Shinwa Outpost Ni" which is the shape of a shinwa ship very close to Outpost Ni Nav point...   Also the "data" from part 2 of the chain remains in the hold after the quest completes. Anyone tried this recently?, or wants to give it a go to see if you can replicate the issues above..   Details: Quest line from Soldier Canis, Arx Ymir (progen only I think & mostly combat)   Joining a Pack: 1) Travel to Asteroid Belt Beta and destroy five Sha'ha'dem Listeners (L12 @ Jenquai Listening Post 1). 2) Return to Soldier Canis and report your victory   Go Fetch: 1) Travel to Jenquai controlled space and destroy at least three Shinwa Honor Guards (L8 @ The Mourning Circle), make sure to get the data for Canis. 2) With the data in hand, return to Canis the sought after information so the Dog Soldiers can plan their next move.   Chewing Shoes: 1) Travel to Jupiter sector 2) Slaughter Jenquai (approx 8) near the Mourning Circle until Shinwa Patrol Cruisers (3x L25) appear, dispatch three of them 3) Travel to Asteroid Belt Beta sector to find some more Jenquai blood. 4) Kill another three Shinwa Patrol Cruisers (L25 @ Jenquai Listener, a hidden Nav between the 2 Accelerators gates, in the middle of the gravity well) near the gravity well. 5) Return to Soldier Canis on Arx Ymir.   The Pound: 1) Find Dog Soldier in the Menorb Sector (lounge of station Androzari). 2) Travel to Swooping Eagle 3) Kill at least five Patrol Cruisers (L25 @ Triunverate Gate Complex) 4) Return to the Dog Soldier in Menorb. 5) Bring the data to Soldier Canis on Arx Ymir.   Sic 'em: 1)Travel to Swooping Eagle 2)Find and kill at least 3 Shinwa safeguards (L35 @ Asteroid-XG073 [-83,-86) 3)Find and kill Tenshao Tak'anuji near Outpost Ni
  9. Yeah I was there. . But not a single mob in sight.. wasnt sure if this had been changed recently. . Still says new ed in the mission though
  10. Im doing the hu30 bonus mission on my pw.. theres no greks, or any mobs in new ed.. any ideas?
  11. I played for 2 years on the original till sunset. I have a screenshot :) but ive only just discovered the EMU. Really wish id found this sooner. Oh how I missed earth & beyond!
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