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  1. That fixed it. Thank you very much. Always good to learn something new. Totally Awesome Bustinkaps (Also a Michael Dorn Fan)
  2. Alt Name = Jagg Got caught warping during a crash that was down for a couple days. ever since then the transparency on items put in the cargo section is negligible (dark gray box) GM has looked at and said it was a Dev issue Please see attached image. Thanks .
  3. Very Interesting ideas.  The Best of two worlds.  Pre-auction the top 1-3 items, lotto the rest.
  4. Thanks for the help.  Uninstalled everything and then installed following the list.  Still have same problem trying to log into both previously made accounts.  Can get into both accounts on the Net-7 and forum sites but can not get into game with them.  Made a third set of accounts and it works ok.  Not sure how to get the game to recognize the pre-existing accounts.   Thanks
  5. Re-installed game and now log-in does not recognize me.  Credentials work ok on Net-7.  What did I miss on the installation?   Thank you
  6. Yes please, thank you.
  7. Gotta love this game ! Keeping it simple. Would it be possible to add a button next to an avatar's Cargo and Vault button that would go straight to the account vault with selected avatar as the default to transfer from? Would it be possible to have a global button somewhere that would return to the last item reviewed in the database search? Would it be possible to have a global button somewhere that would return to the last page reviewed of the last avatar reviewed? Would it be possible to add a seclection of "Recipes I do not have" to the database search next to "Items I do not own"? Thank you for all the effort you guys continually put into this game. Mykkael
  8. The title speaks for itself. Better and Better this site gets! Just noticed the download in csv format for the indiviual inventories. Became overly estatic. So many possibilites in inventory organization are now open. (still wish stacking was an option) looking forward to the future. Kudos to all the devs, especially those who work so hard and yet go unseen and uncredited. This game is continually improving in directions that go outside of the box. You guys are setting the expectation bar real high.
  9. Got sum awesome filters on the database search. Being able to select "what you own" during a search is great! Would be nice to do the opposite also "what you don't own".
  10. Yeppers, Same here. "Connecting to Server...." and when I enter username and password I get the INV-4 message that it does not recognize me.
  11. Lol - Justt forr the funn of itt.... Sorry it took so long yellowshark. An apparent video graphics conflict but weird just the same. Came through the gate from Paramis and found myself between the four gates and inside of a combination QAR station and gate. Whats amazing is that it wasnt all that jumbled. Naturally it corrected itself on a relog. [attachment=1600:BBW QARGATE.JPG] [attachment=1601:QARGate2.JPG]
  12. Not being able to stack is a very small price for the great functionality and convenience. Thank you! At least I know that I am not overlooking anything in my ignorance. Well, since I brought up ignorance, how do I post a screenshot! It seems that the image file is looking for a url when I click on it. I have saved a screenshot (in Excel) of a gate inside a station and would like to post it (for fun)! Thanx
  13. Is there a way to combine identical items in the vaults without doing it in game? Totally Fantastic Net 7 improvements! I am able to move like items from different toons into a single toon (mining ores for example) but do not know how to combine those items into a single slot without going into the game to do so. Probably something simple that I missed, please enlighten me. But if not it would be nice if a combination method could be added. A separation method would also be nice but not as important as combining. Thank you. The Development Team continues to make a steady progression of improvements that make me wonder how totally mind-blowing an experience this game will be when the devs have reached their "endgame". Of course they wil just think of something even better to do. It would also be nice if each "account" on Net-7 had a large capacity vault (limitless possibilities) but I am sure that the devs have already considered this. Anyway, great work guys!
  14. Totally awesome! Can we look forward to being able to change toon names at some point? A formerly known as list may help any identify new names to known names.
  15. Net-7 additions are awesome. Vault transfers are great! Can the same be done with Cargo Hold items or at a minimum Net-7 transfers from Cargo Hold to Vault? Thank you
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