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  1. most of builders inc players have gone to other guilds
  2. ur right Zarg..guilds r doing the raids together except for 1 who has been ninjaing the triggers...hey Pest how u been doing?
  3. i always wondered that..good question Machinegunbob..and maybe a toggle up on the buff section so we can see all the buffs
  4. did u look on the item and see if says anything in the description?
  5. Soooo while we are talking about the raids..we have for the last few months been inviting all people of enb to all the raid rotation raids and post it in general so we welcome all to them join with us..if we all cant play together then why is this game still up and running
  6. Well lets get this clear right now...nowhere in that chat u identified urself as a staff member...secondly looks like u were egging him on from what ur chat shows..3rd..DEVS>GM has no business to interfere with the raid rotation..according to staff rules..clearly ur stating u have problems with the " PUBLIC" doing the raids ..u were there apparently to help static cause.. what happened with GoBB.. when i showed up u werent friendly with me either and were pissed with DD cause u said u would take care of DD later..i had to ask u why u were threatening DD with banning him and u said u were a dev and had been 1 for 2 yrs..well ive known deborah forever and never knew she was Redkite..so lets get something else clear raid rotation is about dead and will be soon no matter what u want...the guild leaders of VGE and Static need to realize the "Big 3" are dead and gone Vge has lost their leader basically over raids and rotation..BI has joined forces with the public..that leaves Static still trying to enforce the raid rotation...let it go..u can barely ever muster people to do it and when u dont have enuff u let it sit and waste when u can easily just ask the public...i have no issues with Static other than raid issues..Redkite u really did usurp ur powers as a dev..either the higher ups step in solve the raid issues or as far as me and my guild is concerned raid rotation is null and void as of this moment. end of story btw this is Tsunami
  7. i actually suggested this idea about time zone rotation yesterday in guild chat but didnt get any reaction but the schedule seems it might work..we will have to set parameters for it and get agreements from every1..but the current guild rotation is about to become obsolete as far as im concerned..Tsunami
  8. I agree Blackmercenary its time to let raid rotation die peacefully..saying that i will still honor raid rotation to a point now..we will ask in general if ur r going to do it..if we get no answers we will automatically open the raid in general chat and invite every1...if u have a problem with that please express ur concerns now..the only problem i have atm is making it fair for all time zones...this practice will start monday..im not trying to be the boss or anything but its time we all play nice together..im trying not to step on anyones toes but something needs t be done now in interest in keeping new members involved and old members coming back..please guild leaders speak up or forever hold ur peace... btw this Tsunami
  9. my guess is 14 mins     this is Tsunami
  10. Damage Inc. was founded by BeastfuTE, TsunamiTT, and Zant.  We have all been playing EnB for years and have a lot to offer!  It is a pretty laid back and friendly environment.  We have members from all over the world and are all about having a good time and enjoying the game.  Looking for more members to join, raiding is a deffinite interest.  So if you are looking for a nice place to hang out and build / mine or want to hunt in packs - Send us a tell in game or post in forums!We are now over 400+ strong  come join us!
  11. wonder how all those people got online?
  12. shows 223 online  but im stuck at the blue screen of death  lol
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