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  1. I just found that was the name of the old guild I was in looking for people that used to be in the guild maybe try to start it up..
  2. Well got it fixed Thanks to blacklung for your help. If anyone else is having the same issue check with a moderator and see if your account has an issue. That was my problem my account was not allowing me to connect.
  3. I have tried the how to now twice. Also tried just a straight install still not working any other ideas? I will try everything till it works.
  4. I am trying to run the game on a windows 7 computer, I have already set everything for compatabilty mode XP service pack 2.  changed the output screen size still no luck really starting to get annoyed anyone out there have any other fixes I can try?
  5. TY i will try that when i get back to my home computer.
  6. ok before anyone says anything, i did all the help stuff on here that i could find. now with that said, The game started just fine made a character and so on. I went in and changed the rez becuase I dont like playing on a little box and now the damn thing wont work. all i can do is get to the log inscreen just fine type in my info and then it just closes, doesnt even give me an error code or anything. please help i am running windows vista.
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