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  1. Hi Open your character sheet (second button bottom left of screen / press Y on keyboard) and simply drag the skill you would like to the desired hotbar number. Once 1-3 or 4-6 are filled you will see the toggle button appear for viewing the remaining 6 hotbar buttons. Regards -FFT
  2. I don't normally write on forums but i really felt like contributing to this topic. It goes without saying that the entire of the emulator team has done a fantastic job of bringing back Earth and Beyond, and there is a lot of appreciation and thanks that perhaps goes unsaid. For each thanks said, there is probably 10 more not said due to people (like myself) who have never really embraced what a good tool a forum can be to express it. I do agree with the original post in that it does feel recently that there isn't anything actually progressing, be it content, bug fixes, network issues etc, but i am also aware that just because its not seen doesn't mean its not happening. I think it would be nice to get some 'work-in-progress' screenshots of things that the players can actually get excited or interested in, like a new item, sector or even just artwork. Not seeing anything just creates a sense of abandonment, and wondering if the love of the project has dissipated. As original poster mentioned volunteering to do this in your own time is well known and perhaps more appreciated than if it was your actual job, as time is more important than any amount of money. But please some information would be greatly appreciated as to what exactly is going on with things. Kind Regards -FFT
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