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  1. Hi Please try the following file I have packaged for you, from my install. Drop it into your "..\Net-7\bin" folder overwriting old one. Note that this isn't the best way to fix this problem, but it may get you in the game faster 😀 net7proxy If it still fails come back here and will rethink. -FFT
  2. Hi Unless I am misunderstanding your question, I think you might be overthinking this process. Simply open the Net7 launcher again to create another client instance. When it has launched you can aero peek the window on task bar, right click and move to desired location, like so: [Imagine a nice image here illustrating what i mean, but forum refuses to accept an upload for some reason. Error -200] -FFT
  3. Hi Client target is incorrect. Target is "..\Earth & Beyond\release\client.exe " and not the "..\Earth & Beyond New\e&b.exe" you have selected. But since you have a custom directory set up: "..\Earth & Beyond New\release\client.exe" should be your target. Hope that helps. -FFT
  4. They seem functional 🙂 Its same as what I have in place but wasn't sure whether to openly post etc. -FFT
  5. Hi I do have them uploaded, but I am unsure on what data transfer quotas are in place for where I have them stored. I am also concerned whether staff here would want me posting it whilst official download server is inaccessible currently? -FFT
  6. Hi Although as mentioned above you cannot currently login/play, you can get the installations ready for when patching can take place. You said you have both the client and Net7 installers already, so you can install both, just not update the Net7 launcher to get most recent needed files. So assuming you have done nothing so far, follow the below. Stage 1 - Run the client installation package (the big 1GB-ish package) Click [YES] on the first prompt Installer will begin At this point simply press [OK]. Your web browser will open up to try to direct you to Fileplanet, simply close the browser. File extraction will now take place for the installation Regular style installation will now take place, pressing [NEXT] to set any directory options (recommend leaving default). Recommend not placing desktop shortcut as it will never be needed Stage 2 - This will be the Net7 installer package you also said you had to hand. Run this executable and follow any prompts. It will eventually ask you whether or not you wish to update the client, at this point press [YES]. It will then update the client a good amount (but not the required amount) for you. When the installation has completed of Net7 you should see a new icon on desktop for it. Leave this for now as game server is locked for players as of writing this. Stage 3 - Now you need to set any graphical options for the client. The config tool will not run without some additional compatibility settings though, so navigate to the game folder where it installed (if default client installer options set, then: C:\Program Files (x86)\EA GAMES\Earth & Beyond\EBCONFIG). Look for an executable called E&BConfig.exe, looks like the below. Right click this and select [PROPERTIES], then from within select the tab called [COMPATIBILITY] and set the following options: Finally simply [APPLY] these settings, then you can load the program up to set screen resolution etc. The final stages of this process is to actually load into the game via the Net7 icon on your desktop, but make sure you set your local ip to be accurate, and select the check boxes as shown below. When server is operational you should be able to login after all this, but the Net7 client will patch a few things too. If you are still stuck feel free to direct message me, or reply here. -FFT
  7. The mob may very well have those skills, in fact I'm sure those ones do thinking about it more. However the reason I mentioned graphics quality is that it can create pop in effects at times with the mobs yet targeting is still possible. Something seems a bit fishy here though still as even if the mob can cloak, the picture indicates an acquired target from the player, damage being inflicted but still no visual model. This could be answered by them having see cloak buff, but even with this shouldn't the ship be visible at this point? Another interesting question would be are there any instances where the mobs can actually fire from cloak whilst remaining cloaked? ? Either way, by now I'm sure this ship in question is long dead ? -FFT
  8. Another possibility is that you have not ramped up the graphical options within the game, so it will limit what is being rendered in favour of better performance. This seems that it might be the case here looking at the background objects from your picture. Within the game at the top click on options > graphics. From here just uncheck the one box, and slide all sliders to the right apart from gamma. Although this was useful way back when the game was new, with today's hardware nobody should need to run the game on lower than max settings ?. -FFT
  9. Hi When installing the client it will get to a point where you can click a browse button to choose where to install the client to. You can change directory of installation from there. Ive been trying to add an image here to show you exactly where, but the forum keeps failing to accept the upload with error -200 for some reason, so hopefully the above is enough explanation ? -FFT
  10. Hi LukeSBE Out of interest what is your networking at home, are you on WiFi on a wired connection to your router? -FFT
  11. Hi Tulkas Camping of this particular mob has been an ongoing thing for a long time now, i agree. But there is a sense of achievement when you finally get to kill it, however it is frustrating when somebody has the spawn locked down to the point where nobody else can. Your suggestions are interesting and i think they have all been talked about before amongst people i know that play/used to play. 1. This would need a lot of thinking and work to implement in such a way that the mobs that drop the required comps to manufacture are not camped out like the child is. 2. This is probably the most feasible route of change, given that it could be tied to a mission. 3. How would you change players who have hoarded this item already, as you cant just take all but one away from them. But yes it would still be a locked down spawn anyway. On a side note though, I've never understood why this reactor is so desired. Tang's Vigor is so much better for overall power, and the other buffs the Shooting Star gives are usually achieved with other items that are easily player made and exceed the reactor's buff anyway. Then again I'm not here to tell anyone how to play or have fun, so I will leave the decision up to you and others ?. -FFT
  12. Just to visualize what Woodstock has typed out, your compatibility options for the configuration tool should be as follows: If you have installed everything with default paths, this executable is found at: C:\Program Files (x86)\EA GAMES\Earth & Beyond\EBCONFIG - right click it and select properties. -FFT
  13. Calling something foolish and worthless when it has worked for the masses but doesn't work for you, specially when people are trying to help isn't a great start. So lets replicate what you are claiming on a fresh Windows 10 22H2 install. Running the executable (click Yes) After this initialization, you will be presented with the following: At this point simply press the big OK button in the middle. A browser page will open to Fileplanet, literally close it down immediately as you don't need anything from it. Extraction of install files will then commence. Followed by a usual installation sequence, recommend installing in default directory. Recommend no placing shortcut on desktop as it is not used. From this point run the Net7 installer as mentioned. This will then patch the client and install the software required to run the game. However there is some configuration advised prior to launched which Yeti has covered above. This is not a definitive cover-all-aspects guide to install, as this covers what would be considered a normal sequence of installation process. If you still fail to install then provide more information about your computer configuration, or as you say wait for the installer CDRoms that you have ordered, even though this shouldn't have been at all necessary to do. -FFT
  14. Hi, Please right click E&BConfig.exe, click properties, set the following options under compatibility tab and click apply to save. If done correctly it should allow you to load the config up and set desired display options. Regards -FFT
  15. Hi This sounds very much like a similar issue a friend of mine was experiencing (Wiz) yesterday that i was checking on for her. Four accounts in testing, and four brand new characters were created to see if problem was with account or with the character itself. The characters made were called Glassone[1], Glasstwo[2], Glassthree[3] and Glassfour[4]. Upon all characters logging in, immediately tried using [1] to /invite [2]. The result was strait away after the /invite command was used [1] lost sync to server entirely, but on [4] it received an invite from [3]. [2] never received an invite but didnt seem to have truely landed as although character was movable within the starbase, he couldnt see any other characters or interact with anything much like [1] after he tried inviting [2], so again a desync. [3] and [4] sucessfully formed a group even though the /invite command came from [1]. Upon trying to leave the starbase only [4] actually made it outside with [3] just sitting on map screen. A support ticket regarding this issue has been sent in, but seems a fair few people are experiencing oddities that hopefully a server restart will fix as the characters are unplayable, as you have found out yourself. Regards -FFT
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