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  1. @ Tienbau, something similar is happening to others and since you are answering this post and not here: https://forum.enb-emulator.com/index.php?/topic/4248-unresponsive-hotkeysother-controls-when-incoming-fire-reaches-a-certain-level/ I will respond that things are a little better, but there is *still* a lot of lag in the Chavez faction farming areas, as I stated in the other post thread. I tested this about 10 hours ago and instead of a full lockup at Nav Ceres 2 in Venus, the lag is down to 8 seconds, but you still have to thrust away and clear your baffles to get full control, again, as I stated in the other post. With 12+ aggro-ed on you it always occurs with me. Fighting your way out of it isn't the best remedy, run and heel, take them out as they approach. Glad to hear that it is most likely server side and not in my slow comp
  2. These instructions, or any message that appears in thin air just below your chat window, can be brought back by holding the alt key and hitting the up/down arrows on you keyboard. You can go back about 20 lines worth.
  3. Already have. The new sectors and systems for the 3 new classes are in the game as well as Paramis, a Black Beards Wake sister sector. Also there are new Sol sectors, Neptune, Pluto, Mercury, Venus and don't forget Uranus *(insert joke here). Many new mobs, Black Beards Ghost, with end game drops, for starters...
  4. One to Four second lag for the usual functions, if a group attracts a group of mobs 6+ the game locks up for me, need to thrust away until the game responds at all for me. This is not a gripe, just personal observations. I know the Devs are and will be working on this, however it seems things are getting worse since the December update.
  5. Rued

    updated map

    That sector is Ardus in the Aquitaine system, not implemented yet. The gate placement shown here http://www.earthandbeyond.ca/sectormap/witberg.html Or were you referring to the Bogereril sector with the base? Rued
  6. Nope. Against TOS and not possible currently or ever. Make toons that you want to multibox with on different accounts.
  7. The answer is YES! When activating a skill, by either pressing the HUD with a mouse click or hotkey, the outside solid green line ring, would start painting at the top, advance clockwise until completing the ring. It looked just like the same ring we have in game now to show weapons "activated on target" It would stay painted for a split second, showing that the skill had been completed before vanishing. This was very useful, showing if the mob had interrupted your skill (ring painting process disappears) or if you wish to cancel the skill to activate another, more needed skill. Also needed (as OP stated) to see EXACTLY when the skill is done so that you may start another one. Missing and needed IMO.
  8. Sorry, had old junk on my clipboard and didn't check it. The link in my first post is corrected. Here is the link in full https://enb-emulator.com/index.php?/topic/1354-enb-notifier-program/ Oops
  9. Looking for this corrected link? lol Look no further. It sits in your tool tray, refreshes automatically, does not need you to switch browser pages and refresh the page to be accurate, is approved by Tienbau, and doesn't unduly irritate the server. It turns from a red into a yellow little :| when the server is starting , giving you a 5 minute warning (usually), then a dark green Its the first and last word in server status, lol
  10. audio here the music of ENB by Frank Klepacki select projects, them scroll below the Music header to Earth and beyond. Or to DL and save them go here
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