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  1. Here's a tour of Grissom, my favorite sector in the game.
  2. And here be the Jenquai systems: I might do one more showing the special sectors: Ardus and the Boregil areas.
  3. Hi there! I am a TE and I received this mission from Executive MacKellen on Earth Station. Screenshot below. None of the architects on Norstrad Vor were able to help me. One said I needed +2,000 faction to build something so I worked my arse off to get this. Nothing happened. Can a TE complete this mission??? If not it may be a bug? Thanks for your time!
  4. And now come the Progen systems
  5. Tour of the Terran Systems now out. The transition between Tau Ceit & the Centauri systems has been cut.
  6. ...And here's Beta Hydri: I might also do 3 more videos, showing the systems for each race.
  7. I've also made one for the Aragoth System I also plan to make to make one for Beta Hydri, possibly others as well.
  8. Hi! Thought I would share a vid I made touring the SOL system with the new sectors Thanks to everyone involved bringing this game back!
  9. It failed for me the first time, but after reloading the page and trying again it worked!   Thought something was gravely wrong, luckily not!
  10. This is a mission in Ishuan where you talk to a guy at a weapons factory who later moves to an asteroid.   The last objective of the mission tells you to return to speak with him but he is nowhere to be found. -A couple of objectives back he does tell you he may leave/go into hiding but nothing is clued into where he might be.   I asked in the E&B chat channels and they were puzzled... No one could help me. I checked the area around the weapons factory and the asteroid several times but no luck. There is also a 'strange ship' near the asterioid but you can't talk to it either. I then did a search throughout the sector but nothing happened. Tried relogging/restarting and nothing happened.   Not sure if this is a bug or something on my end or something else.   Any help would be appreciated!   Thanks a lot in advance!
  11. Mustang/Apalossa + Roadrunner + + Lazarus = Cygni Express Just use those ship components and you'll get the same experience as that great engine provided.
  12. I agree with this, every ship component should be built by some class in each race. However I also agree that the 3 races rely on each other, and thus if you can't build everything you need to work together to accomplish a common goal. (Build a reactor for someone who can't and they build you an engine that you can't make.) But wherever, this was the way the game was and we are all used to it. Let's just leave it be, shall we?
  13. lol, you got pwned, plus another 11535 Nah, I've had this too. If you hover your cursor over your hull strength indicator (the red bar next to your blue shields bar), it should say your hull strength is 0/18000.
  14. How is this "GM abuse of powers"? They're GMs, and they can do whatever they want because they helped being this game back in the first place! Also, how would one acquire a rare item that the GMs are giving away (like the hellbore)? Is it just random/luck of the draw or do you have to be online the same time as them and hope you have no plans when a contest is running so you can participate? Because every time I see the GMs run one of these contests when I'm online, I know I won't have enough time to participate in it before I log, and thus fail to get the item. I think that's the problem here, not "GMs abusing their power". lol.
  15. At least I'm not the only one who can't get in. LaunchN7 says the server is offline for me, and thus "Server failed to respond to login attempt". Hopefully it will all be sorted out soon!
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