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  1. My friend (Commander Norloc)...soon to be Captain is overall lvl 77 Terran Enforcer, combat is 30, travel is 20 and trade is 29. Now here is the situation, this is for the second lvl hull upgrade. The npc (Harvey Krum) in Argoth, station Chernvog, does not allow information in the form of a newspaper to be passed to the next npc for this portion of the quest. This was given earlier but the Norloc accidently gave the item to another npc. This has had the unfortunate effect of breaking the quest thereby making it impossible to get another item to redo the hull upgrade. Any help will be appreciated..
  2. Sorry it got fixed. Hehehe. Regards, Duran70
  3. Just Thought I'd let you know that part of the newbie Jenquai Defender quest (sun and moon trial) is fixed. Must have been the update today but it finally works! On another note I am now on the Trial of the horde where I have been instructed to speak to U'nai Wakisa, Unfortunately that part appears to be broken too! U'nai Wakisa will not talk to me or acknowledge my existence. LOL!! Any help would be appreciated. Regards, Duran70
  4. Well he tried what you suggested and it didnt seem to work. In the meantime I suggested he check his firewall settings. He has windows xp and he claims to have all updates, but he uses an old pcmia network card (yes its that old), hopefully his version of windows includes service pack 3. He will give it a shot and see if that is the case.(crosses fingers). regards, Duran70
  5. My friend Norlocblood has problems when logging into Net 7. I tried pinging and I get this: Pinging play.net-7.org [] with 32 buts of data: Request time out. Request time out. Request time out. Request time out. Ping Statistics for Packets: Sent = 4, Received = 0, Lost =4 (100% loss), As a note everything has been done to the letter. Any help would be appreciated. On an additional note atthe Net-7 play is hit and the black screen comes up with this: Net7Proxy version 1.99 Using IP: 127..0.0.1 <> 08/02/11 22:15:56 Attempting to connect to IP address : 08/02/11 22:15:56 Sending login 08/02/11 22:15:56 login OK Net7Proxy version 1.99 Unrecognized switch: '-SERVER_ADDR' Net7Proxy Usage: Starts E&B client to interface with server: NetProxy /ADDRESS: <ip address>
  6. Thank you for the fast response, I will take the advise and apply it as soon as possible. Regards Duran70
  7. My friend has a problem when he clicks the net7 icon. it immediately updates and then takes an infinite time, almost going in a loop with no further progress. The update available screen is shown and the files being updated with the progress bar showing downloaded files and downloading files, but that is it. He has an old toshiba laptop running xp with all updates. The instructions where followed. Any help would be appreciated. Regards, Duran70
  8. I am frustrated at the summoming portion of the defender class newbie training area. I followed the instructions but U'nai Amitola at the sun at noon wont acknowledge that I have completed her instrctions on the shadow that follows so that I can go on to the next set of trials. Can someone please explain what I can do to fix this as I would like to move on and do some serious exploring. Regards, Duran70
  9. Okay, Well thanx for the helpful information. I will get a copy of what files are being updated and send them to you, so that I can do my part in resolving this issue. On another note this is my first time playing this game and I am impressed. I got my friend at work interested and who is downloading the client as well. I appreciate the hard work you guy's do to keep up on things.
  10. Everything works fine when I activate the LaunchNet 7 on my desktop. It even takes me to the login screen, but when I tried to login it used to kick me out. I solved this by doing the fixes. which was to run in compatibility mode with Admin privileges, all the required files. What really worked was from the LaunchNet application, I have to click on the Launcher in the upper left hand-side and hit Reset Updates. This gets me to available updates and it starts updating....again. My problem is that the game will Only advance past the login if I do this all the time. Is this a bug? I could live with it I guess, provided it doesnt continually add redundant updates to my small hard drive that should already be there. Regards, Duran70
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