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  1. Hello, I tried the suggestion you gave and the problem is much better but at times it still happens. It seems to happen when the area I'm going to is a new area or seldom gone to by myself. It's a communication problem between my server and yours. It will be resolved I know just thought I would let you know about it. It's just a small inconvenience and I don't worry about it. Thanks for your work and I do donate to the cause. Thanks for your time. Tom Wood-Soaloam Founder, Lead game designer. Cr1-Software.Ltd www.cr1-software.com
  2. Restart the game, Ok I will see if that helps.
  3. Hey guys. Thanks for the good work on this resurection! I'm having trouble with gates. Every time I gate the game hangs, so I have to reboot after almost every gate to get to the next sector. Thanks for your hard work! Soaloam.
  4. I m looking for the mission npc that will give the mission "The Missing Transport" to me. I have done all the missions I can find in the newbie system, so i need to go to a new system, I went to another mars system but had my butt worked..lol Thanks in advance. Soaloam
  5. Ok down loading now thank you! keep up the great work guys and gals~ Soaloam
  6. Hello all is there a community mumble server? Thanks all Soal
  7. Hello. I started a PP and when I reached Lvl 10 I was supposed to go to Primus ships yards for a hull up grade.I found the shipyards but the ship yard didnt activate with a npc to talk to to complete the mission. Could there be a bug in this or did I screw it up some how? Would love to get some get. Great work on reviving our game! Soaloam
  8. Hey, I work on games every day for M$ and this is my personal web site for flight sim stuff www.cr1-software.com I heard that maybe it would be possible to upgrade the human models in the game? I have some wicked high end human 3DS max models all animated and mapped ready to go that blow those in the game right out of the water. All they would need is to be textured to fit the game and maybe some additional mods added in like glasses, ear pieces and stuff like that and then you need a programmer to set them up in the parameters of the game infrastructure. Is it possible to get new models in the game yet? Soaloam.
  9. SHAWWEEETTT!!!! LOL Im impressed!!
  10. Hello, I worked on it last night and discovered my fire wall was not letting the registration go through, I fixed that and now I'm playing my all time favourite game again!! I remember 4 years ago when the game was still being bugged out buy the volunteers. I thought I would wait and see if they could get things going. Now they have and they did a unbelievable job. Probably took all these years to build up the packets by experimentation and saving the packets to understand what the game was calling for, I think this would have taken the years to accumulate so all the functions for the game would be working. The game is great and I can now dump that never ending circle of time waste and never ending griever crap--> EVE on line. and have to some real fun. One question, will you guys be building new content for the game? If so I can help with upgraded models and graphic art work. That is if the EA guys won't pound you.. I will support you $$ wise. Great work! Soaloam
  11. I went back for one more try and for some reason it worked!! So now do I just used Net7 and log into the game through the EA Log in? I created a character with the character creation utility. But it looks like the server is off line for a bit. Let me know of any other things I might need to know. Thanks again! Soaloam
  12. Sorry to be a bother, but I really was almost over excited to see my old game resurrected!!! I did everything as was instructed to install the game with net7 Then when i went to register net7 the registration failed over and over. I would really like to play this game and donate too. I will support you guys financially but I need to get some help to get net 7 working. Thanks all and congratulations on getting EB back up and running!! Soaloam
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