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  1. Server is offline, 4:45PM PST. Confirmed by multiple guildies across multiple geographies.
  2. So this did not resolve the issue on both characters... I found that the issue was fixed for Kerry, but remained for all other characters on that account. I took it a step further and transferred all characters off that account onto a new game account and have been problem free on all characters since (so far, ~2 hours issue free). I had two game accounts impacted by whatever this is.
  3. This was(is?) afflicting two of my characters as well! I first noticed it yesterday evening while playing... I usually multibox and two (Kerry and Ranor) of my six characters just could not be played - they would silently disconnect after a few minutes online. I eventually gave up on them and played the others just fine. Today the issues persisted so I tried a few things on my end: Didn't help / no change: Followed advice by Zackman in this post: https://forum.enb-emulator.com/index.php?/topic/9192-att-everyone-having-gatectd-issues-tso-settings/ to disable hardware offload and disabled prototype reorder (i'm on wifi, no choice). Ran the /packetopt on command Seems to have solve my issue: Finally, I transferred character Kerry from one game account to another. This seems to have resolve my issues on both faulty characters, interestingly.
  4. It's cool questor! I think you handled the situation well and would be happy to group with you in the future. Don't delete your JE, his name is still squeaky clean! Zanor, Lanor, Elanor, Ranor - Static Guild
  5. I once looted a Veil NGC 9 from one of the cruisers, believe it was rapture. I also remember that the frigates had the recharge shields skill and that they all spammed it whenever you started shooting a destroyer or cruiser before they were dead.
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