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  1. Hi all, i was browsing the builder lists on the database and was wondering how that functions. Is it a periodic update, or do you need to be in a special club for your build records to be shown. Thank you for your time in reading this and any answers you may provide.
  2. [img]http://i530.photobucket.com/albums/dd341/BushMonkey2008/server-room-with-salt.jpg[/img] who tripped over a wire?
  3. [img]http://i530.photobucket.com/albums/dd341/BushMonkey2008/funny-pictures-cats-try-to-restart-computer.jpg[/img] [img]http://i530.photobucket.com/albums/dd341/BushMonkey2008/funny-pictures-cats-computer-blue-s.jpg[/img]
  4. [quote name='blindsyde' timestamp='1302203271' post='38512'] Can JE handle their own at any point? I seem to be getting pretty wrecked by enemies at my CL. I guess this is why I wanted something a little more durable but still was able to mine. So far it seems like TS is generally better for solo play than a TE? [/quote] It gets easier when you have Combat cloak, and as a JE make sure you keep the tl and el higher, then go back for cl, mine hulks for prototype sheilds as they have highest cap,a Ward of living stone is a good idea at device L5, plasma beams and a plasma debuffer/rada. Not a uber killing machine like the PW a JE can kill single targets 10 levels over there own, just takes longer.
  5. With the shift in the ore spawns has Kronosite become the most rare ore on the server?
  6. What to do when its snowing and the server is down? Sleep, go for a walk in the snow storm,play fallout new vegas, cook a feast,sleep some more
  7. Thought i might give this a bump to the front page hope no one minds. At this point we are a small guild,that seems to be in the process of reforming itself. Most of the vets are not around from what i can tell from the guild membership page. But we do have new blood rolling in all the time and some nights have up to a dozen members online. If anyone is interested in joining a small group of friendly people contact Pappasmurf < leader: me Questorzarnac or one of the other fine people in our guild.
  8. I thought it would be nice to have a confirmation pop up on the sort button. Clicking it by accident is annoying.
  9. Central Arizona huh? What part may i ask?

  10. lol sorry dont recognize your name in game, may i ask who you are?

  11. To make a long story short the other night was in the fb with a couple guildies,another guild came along and got the kill/loot rights on a boss that dropped a particular item. Lo and behold my guildmate for whatever reason grabbed that guilds loot off the corpse. Now here is the kicker, it was race restricted a L9 beam and he was a Terran, like he will ever be able to use it,damn greedy Terrans. However i was formed up with him at the time and was near the corpse when this occured, me being JE recieved the /tell asking me if i had looted it. This did not bother me as i had not looted the item. What does bother me is the wreckless action of someone in my group/guild has put a stain on our guild and by default my own reputation as someone who is a stand up guy willing to help others and take a backseat when it comes to loot,hurting my chances to be grouped with others who are not in my own circle of associates. I have been very bothered about this for the last few days and wanted to vent and throw myself at the mercy of my peers. By my reckoning if someone does not have honor in the smallest things in life, ie: even a video game, and without honor what good is his name? What good is the continuance of that name. It has affected me enough that i have considered just deleting this toon and rerolling another JE, as i feel this name has acquired a stain that will not easily be earased or blotted out. So in summary dont let this happen to you, be careful who you associate and group with, because someone elses actions can ruin you or your Guilds reputation in a second.
  12. I agree it causes grief the way it is set up now,a fix for loot rights should be a priority. Even tho people should know better...
  13. Ok then you make good points in your post and i apologize for calling you out on this, just looked like you were grinding your own axe by posting this.
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