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  1. Welcome back.  And don't forget to check out all the new sectors and the 3 new classes.
  2. The title of the post is, Progen Tokens deleted by mistake   We were on topic.
  3. They changed it because a couple of players mentioned that in "Original Live" there was something in the "reward" box in addition to the payment for the job.  So the devs decided to cut the xp in half and give the same amount in credits.   How they decided that one xp was worth one credit escapes me.   I would gladly pay 1 million credits for 1 million explore xp.
  4. It is NOT lack of attention.  It is something that appeared in your inventory with no notification of any kind.    It is NOT like a Plagues Bite.  You did NOT put it into your cargo hold.   The first time it happens you would have no way of knowing that it would happen or that you should expect it to happen the way it does.   I am forming a great dislike for the phrase "Working as intended".  It seems like another way of saying "I don't care, I don't want to hear about it."   If it is 'working as intended', a few words about 'why' the way it is working is 'intended' would be more explanatory.  Or maybe a reference or link to a discussion thread where it is explained.
  5. I remember them closer to the gate but not quite on top or it.  Slightly more toward the repository.  But it was a long time ago...
  6. What a thing to say!   Omicron Persei 8 is NOT imaginary!
  7. I think you are asking for too much information for something they obviously don't want known.  How about just the last drop date so we can see if has dropped since the most recent patch?    All that info would be nice but it would be included for every item in the database.  That seems excessive.  Image, debris dropped 198,321,287,927 times last month, the target drop rate can be as high as 140% on some hulks, last drop 0.00217 millisecond ago.
  8. Hope all goes well and the recover is quick.
  9. I've always thought the same.  If a job says it pays this much, you should get this much.  You can't say "do this job for 100" and then say "you didn't make it look hard enough, so I'm only going to pat you 60" after the fact.   If you want to pay for a level of difficulty, check when taking the job, not upon completion.  Players should know what they are going to get before taking the job.   Or, don't show jobs that are not in your proper range, or show in a different color.
  10. What would be the 'time gap' that would determine whether the 'cherry-picker' was still there or a 'cleaner' was there?    Say the normal re-spawn time, after the cherries were picked, was 2 hours.  How long before a 'cleaner' could expect a quick re-spawn?  One hour?  Could not a second 'toon of the cherry-picker wait for that amount of time and then be guaranteed and instant re-spawn?  Who would know better when the second timer started?   Like I said earlier, this would be great if you could get it to work the way you stated.  I just don't see how you could make sure the same person was not both players.
  11. I like the concept but, what would keep a player or group of players from clearing the 5 hulks in the field, getting a quick re-spawn and repeating indefinitely?   Maybe this only happens if the first timer is more than half timed out???  Still, this could end up being a way to cut the timer in half if you are camping the field...
  12. As mentioned above, why would you think that the big guilds wouldn't 'own' these raids also?    Maybe not officially, but a few of the big guilds players could own these when they can't get enough members for a 'full raid'.
  13. I like solution 1 (or Hybrid #4).  First, you would have to get the parts to build it the first time, thus making it harder.  Second, you would want your build skill high to get a 'good' build (still could be limited to less than 200% if necessary, not sure what quality is on most of these).  Third, you always risk loosing a part when dismantling an item and may need to replace a part.   It seems that there is quite a credit sink built into solution 1 also.
  14. It might be helpful if you included a column for location (sector and station/co-ord) also.  New players may not know where all these NPCs are.
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