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  1. So right phorloug if only the consequences of boxing could of been seen not from the effect it would have in 2013 bur the effect in 2016. Where boxers feel entitled to log entire fleets in having a terrible effect on those trying to play the game solo. But oh well I would assume now that 60-75% of people logging in are infact boxers..... Its not the boxing I draw the most issue with its the way some of them act . It has a negative effect on the game and creates anger and negativity in the people not boxing creating even more bad feeling and toxicness. Its proven bad for the community in the fact that easily 50% of people logged in constantly are boxers and the number is extremely low to begin with but nothing to be done now. Just wish they'd dissalow it in combat ....... The game should not favor boxers in combat ......There should never be a point where a solo player playing the game as intended can lose out to someone logging in 6 ships.
  2. Easy to get if you log 4-6 hours a day strictly on RD atleast aside from luck , they don't drop all that frequently, Not that hard to get but time consuming
  3. As I said if you can get someone to sell you one for 100mill , Good for you!, I advise you buy as many as you can afford, Most people who have a lot of feathers are either using them to improve gear, Or  have so many credits, Both cases they are unlikely to sell at 100 mill.
  4. Feathers are not something you can camp without paying much constant attention like most things, They take time to acquire , And to farm actively will guarantee one of your ships being locked out of BBW permanently,   Some people may be willing to sell them for 100 mill . To me given the situation with credits if I were willing to sell a feather at all you'd be talking double that , IF I was feeling nice enough to sell for credits at all.   That's my feel of the situation   Credits  really don't do you a whole lot of good on the vast majority of things . Making prices on more challenging to acquire items reflect this in my view. I'd rather have a feather then a billion credits its more useful and easier to trade.
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