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  1. Unlimit the Limiter!   1)Apply the same Limits to Trade and Explore Jobs as are in effect for Combat Jobs. Combat weak pilots are penalized for being "unbalanced"  or accepting the lower level combat jobs while skilled fighters can do Trade and Explore jobs and get the full pay advertised at the terminal. Perhaps pilots would be less likely to be "unbalanced" or wait to max Trade/Explore with jobs and then let overflow level the Combat.   Or   2) Remove the experience rewarded information for jobs below a pilot's appropriate level. Then it would seem less like breech of contract.  
  2. It seems that this effect is from a ship decal. Decals are available as character details. I haven't been able to control the size or placement however.
  3. Deleting the global.th6 got me past the handprint until "yesterday's" updates.  Now I'm not finding any .th6 files on this pc. What should I try next?
  4. Yes, Zackman, due to some of the detail options (which options  unknown to me) the face of the toon-in-progress is "void" or pitch black. I am able to guess at the outline of the face shape and hairstyle. When the face is void I am unable to select any detail options, or no details at all.   The one toon I allowed to enter game with "black" face has tattoos I do not recognize from the available options. She has several shades of brown with what appear to be layers. I have described it in starter post as multiple options piled up. Certainly is a unique look.
  5. I'm using the Character Creator in order to get the new classes. However this has started happening with any class. When selecting the Head/Details the face of my toon appears black, as if it is void. When I let this unknown model enter the game she appeared to have multiple detail options piled up on her face.    I haven't seen anyone else mention this occurrence. If it is local, how do I get rid of the clown face (for the next PP)?
  6. Very clear and easy to use post, Magoo. Kudos!   Would you please verify what folder(s) the AvatarX.dat files need to land in to be found by the client. The client isn't picking up my newly created avatars from the default folder of the Creator. Yes the spots are open. Thanks!  
  7. This only happens on our pc running Vista. The Win XP machine took the recent updates from EnB and Microsoft without a hiccup. Please keep the .th6 tip near the top. 
  8. Another new player has not received the activation email. username: coltonfoxrider99 email: crg99honda@embarqmail.com (if I remember correctly, it's a new address) Would you put in a kind word with Megan and Net-7 please? Thanks.
  9. Any progress on this? I have the same symptoms - the unresponsive client etc - but no knowledge of routers/ports to help tracking the problem. We use networked Vista and Win2k machines. The Vista seems to drop faster. Yes the compatability, admin, firewalls are all as recommended. Tweaking the router seems to be next (last) resort. No Virtual Machines here either. Is it a coincidence that the symptoms are similar or do they have something in common that could lead us to a solution?
  10. Once again I want to thank the Emu Team for the "work" they do. My time in ST3 has been fun and I'll continue to anticipate the same in ST4. The biggest **HURRAY** for today is for ending the rumors and making the announcement in the Forum. Thanks for the communique!
  11. Thaedra


    I have pulled alot of Debris out of Hulks. The Hulks in Io have L1 Bucklers and L2 Kazas which are nice to bankroll that infant JE. I've heard of a Hulk containing a reactor. Builders have said that some devices are only available in Hulks. Overall I'd say the loot is rather poor; I still clear Hulks around me to encourage respawn. AND if stats are kept about how many of each mine-able type is mined - I want to show that Hulks are *of interest* to Explorers.
  12. What ores should I be stocking for use in Comp Building? Is there any "guideline" for bartering ore for gear/parts? I'm certain this is dependent on the Builder; I'd like to lean toward fair/generous than "clueless" (which is where I suspect I am now).
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