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  1. How about a quota that rises with the user level? Noobs get 500K, users get 2-4MB, advanced users get 10MB or so, and correspondingly higher amounts when higher ranks are achieved? Also, if a post's attachment is made available in the download section, the user should get that item's file size credited back, so they can contribute more useful material directly to the website. That way, our information won't be locked up forever. Also, if we want to update something, it would be good if we could remove the item [freeing up allowance] and post something different. One way to keep the storage capacity of the website manageable would be to have an *UPLOAD SECTION*. Each user would still have a limit, but when their uploads were reviewed, they would either be deleted or accepted & moved to the appropriate section. Either way, the size of the upload would be credited back to the person's account (hopefully, automatically). The web admins could even award points based on how good (positive points) or bad (negative points) the upload was. If your account reaches a certain negative threshold, you won't be able to upload. However, information that's merely a duplication of that found elsewhere here (but on-topic), should be given 0 to 1 point. Don't penalize folks for sending something they think is useful. Sorry for rambling a bit, but I'm not quite with it at the moment.
  2. Inzanity


    Definately! If the PvPers are squirreled away (1) hopefully on a completely different server or (2) in an area where a PvEer has no need / reason to enter, that'd be OK. Have the gates to PvP areas color coded differently or name the sectors like "Hydraxia-PvP" or something. I don't want subtle clues... I want big warning signs. A PvP flagging system would be highly useful. If I don't flag myself, I can neither be harmed by, nor can I harm another. This way, if I stumbled into a PvP area, I'd be safe as long as I diddn't flag for PvP. This could be (on the user side) as simple as /pvp [on, off]. That way the PvPers can get their jollies and I can enjoy the game without worrying about some twit blowing me apart. We have enough to worry about with monsters, thank you very much.
  3. From what I've heard in General chat 1 passive and 1 activated item will stack for each effect. That's the only item stacking, unless there's been some changes very recently. I think buffs from other players (and the occasional buff from killing a monster in some instances) will all stack. Unless the devs change their minds, I think this will be the permanent behavior. Ask in General chat when you're logged in or (if you have broadband) fire up teamspeak 3 & log in.
  4. Working flawlessly for me on Win XP service pack 2.
  5. I just successfully logged on & off the server. It's Jan 13th @ 1547 Central (GMT -6) 3:47 P.M. Why a simple database restore should take almost a day is beyond me. It should've been a half hour operation... TOPS!
  6. I just successfully logged in & out of the server. It's up & running as of Jan 13th, 1542 Central (GMT -6) 2142 GMT. The Net-7 launcher has a little status box that's centered with respect to left & right & about 1/3rd of the way down from the top. It'll say either "Offline" or "Online -xxx" with xxx being the number of people on (not startup time).
  7. Inzanity


    Other than the arena, PvP has *NO PLACE* in Earth & Beyond. PvP has poisoned many games and brings on an entire set of balance issues that are just not needed. PvP causes more whining when one class has a small advantage or people are too lazy to learn how to use thieir abilities to the fullest. Some classes are supposed to be better at combat than others. Going PvP would require nerfing warrior classes or super-charging explorer classes. Rather than having strengths & weaknesses that can be offset by grouping with members of different races & classes, we would all become rather similar in our abilities. Acquiring uber gear should make one's life easier, not be the thin edge that determines survival. There are plenty of games that feature PvP out there. Even World of Warcraft™ recognized that not everyone is into PvP, and have servers where people can opt out of that entirely. The ENTIRE PREMISE of this game is about working together and helping each other out. It's about having fun, socializing, and sharing information. This is not about capturing territory & building empires. While personal power & fortunes can indeed be amassed, they enable generosity, rather than having to be carefully guarded against all comers. While friendly competitions can be fun (who can get to x level, who can amass y credits first, who can get a specific amount of a type of ore mined first, etc), they do not generally create ill will between players. If a large chunk of the players want a PvP server, then they can wait until we get PvE straightend (?spelling?) out. Without the PvE part of the game working properly, there will be no dev time to work on PvP. Realize that we're in ALPHA testing now. We haven't even gotten everything working yet. Any work on PvP would probably have to come *AFTER* the game goes live, which will be after Beta, and possibly Gamma testing! Other than the Arena, don't expect to see PvP anytime soon. I don't know what the dev's tentative schedules for implimentation of different aspects are, but their work on new stuff gets pushed aside every time they have to fix a problem. They're having to re-create everything from scratch. They're having to spend time to develop tools to deal with issues. This is a learning process for everyone. Be patient, because these developers are working FOR FREE. Because of donations from people, the only benefit they get is they're no longer having to pay for the direct costs of running the server [electricity, bandwidth, hardware, backup media, etc]. Their time is very valueable & under-appreciated.
  8. Awesome name! Remember: If it says Intel Inside, then there's an increased likelihood of Idiot Outside!

    Defeat the evil Win/Tel!

  9. Go forth. Eat Cake. Have a happy birthday with someone you love!

  10. Happy Birthday! Have a very merry one & may you spend it with your loved one in your birthday suits!

  11. I want to put in my $0.02 as well. I am very, very thankful that the devs are continuing to work their keisters off! We're all deeply indebted to them for resurrecting this phoenix from the ashes (UNLIKE the piles of ash who should be buried in holes that killed it)! Losing 2 days of work is no biggie. This just highlights one reason the stress test is needed... find out what kind of problems can come up & learn to fix them. Now the devs know that they need to find a way to do a search & replace (with confirm) on the user database (hopefully clearing the 'deleted' flag from the data or some such). Opening up a current and a recent copy of the database, conmparing them, and showing records that met certain criteria would allow an effecient method of narrowing down the list of people without having to manually compare every record. Multi monitor setups for this kind of thing are highly recommended. It was wierd for a poll to be taken and then a rollback announced while the poll disappeared from the website. It's also strange that it diddn't run for at least 24 hours, but these are minor concerns. Overall, the team gets an "A". Everyone makes mistakes & has to learn... and ultimately this is an ALPHA stress test. We know we're going to have toon wipes & lose things eventually. It is frustrating for those who went after rare drops or completed arduous tasks during the past 2 days, but such is life. These things will be happening when we wipe. It's the love of the game & the joy of interacting with others... even devs... that sets this game apart. Actually getting one-on-one help when you're in trouble is rare in a MMO. The DEVs aren't perfect, but they're exceedingly good. They're learning just like we are. Nobody likes it when crap happens, but this is a game, it's not real life. We know it's *better* than real life, and wish we could move.
  12. 2) The chickens are alive (until impact), so they're stuffed with their internal organs. 3) The question is whether or not the *TREES* in the forest will care. 4) <LOL>
  13. How many missions can we have active before one becomes hidden? Knowing this would help us self-monitor until the devs can address the issue.
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