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  1. I actually just saw some of these just yesterday,was too low level to get them but someone else came along and did it.
  2. Tagaderm

    Healer Agro

    Thanks for taking the time to respond so thoroughly Shadinaxx! It really sounds like the largest problems are the mob dmg, which they admit and are working on and the ability of non-dmg/heal aggro managment to actually land. Hopefully they get this stuff sorted out.   I know in a couple of the games I've raided heavily in when there were balance issues the devs would sometimes join our raids and with their special dev tools be able to see all the info as it was happening, the taunts and damage and heals and de-aggro abilities and all that, be able to monitor how hard the tanks were being hit to see if it is in line with what is intended, that sort of thing. Or they would be there all invis and be able to use their tools to the same effect. I wonder if our devs could do something like that, or if they have been part of raids as they currently are. I've only just come back this past week after participating in the stress tests quite a while ago so I'm not sure how much actual dev involvement is happening in-game at the moment, I know I've seen a few folks in chat with the [DEV] tag but I don't know anything else.
  3. Tagaderm

    Healer Agro

    So far I haven't been involved in any raids during live, the few I participated in during some of the testing a while back weren't too hard and it didn't seem like heling was much of an issue.   Having said that, I've been a raid healer in other mainstream MMO's. In those the best strategies for main tank (MT) healing were direct heals as needed and a heal over time (HoT) pretty much maintained, I've barely played any healers in EnB, are there any HoTs? Spamming heals (not counting a heal chain as spamming as it spreads out the heals between multiple healers and is controlled and by it's nature an aggro management tool) has always grabbed agro from the mobs especially any group heal, also most other threat/hate/agro calculators not only counted the actual amount healed but also any overheal that occured if the healee wasn't low enough HP to need the full heal.   Now, like Kyp said there needs to be some balancing of mob damage to ensure that every healer in range isn't having to spam their largest heal but has there been any experimentation in heal styles? If so, what kind? From what I've read here it seems like most healers are using their highest level heals all the time but maybe I'm getting a wrong impression. I know as a past hardcore raider that figuring out what tactics to use in certain situations is part of the fun of the whole thing, maybe we just haven't found the optimal way to heal yet.   Do the deaggro abilities and taunts (are there any forced taunts?) work at lower level? In most other MMO's aggro managment abilities are downright unresistable by any mobs, especially raid mobs since that is where those abilities are actually needed, or if they aren't completely unresistable they have a better chance of landing then not by an appropriately leveled and geard player.   Anyways, just my two cents on the topic, really looking forward to seeing how it turns out.
  4. I get an offline message on the launcher and when I hit play but looking at the "Welcome to Net-7" page the server status icon reads online and has 235/1000. Did the host change from play.net-7.org?
  5. ok thanks, I'll try that next time it happens.
  6. it goes and sits at this screen sometimes and wont launch the game, whats up with that? It usually goes on for 1/2-45 minutes before I can get back in.
  7. Killed Aren'Zael, Zethren-ti and a few others just yesterday with a group composed of a TE, PP, TT, JD didnt really have any problems except for crashing to desktop a couple times during a kill. We had to use some tactics, not just tank and spank but it wasnt difficult to figure out.
  8. looks like the server went down right as I was zoning in hopefully that doesnt black hole my character
  9. I knew what it was when I picked the name, I just spelled it wrong the first time so I stuck with it.
  10. I'm having the exact same problem.
  11. Yes, it did. I guess I should add that it came up like this after I was fighting Desash the Plague the other evening and then crashed out and did not log back in until today. Also my reactor, zenshai tac comp, ivory ward, and steingard's were at less than 30% structure before getting any repairs done. That also brings up another point, my reactor was at ~25% structure which left it at 2077 capacity and 17.7 recharge even after using repair equipment to raise the structural %, the recharge did not increase back to normal until I logged out and back in.
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