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  1. I don't know why, but some systems do this. I have an xp 2002, a 2007 vista laptop, and a 2007 vista desktop. The vista desktop will not run the client unless I upgrade to win 7, but I have a program that will not run on win7. So - I am lucky I can use the other two. Both the vista machines are gateways (now acer in disguise)
  2. To write more and play less. Since writing is play for me, I don't know how I am going to balance that one. Eight pages a day or die is the call.
  3. okay - you are right about the hostility. Just takes me a while to boil over. I love to mine, and from what I have seen,most changes are made to the je regarding combat. I don't do combat. I do understand that the programming does not allow compartmentalization in terms of functions applied for a given purpose. Bummer and not your fault. I know you guys are trying to balance gameplay, but I also see that most changes are made for combat purposes. I guess I'm still seething a little over my alts getting in the way. ykwim. If you think I'm bad here, you should know me in rl. oh well...
  4. okay - so I finally figured out that the game is being programmed as if we all have 30yo hands. I wish. I know I'd love to be a fly on the wall when some of these folks reach hands as old as mine, with brains that scream - but I'm only 30. I play about 10% or less of the time I used to play - less. That's because the game is too frustrating for a hand that must rest on a tracball.

  5. Content can be added at any time which you guys have just proven by ripping the behind out of the jennie miner. I hope powerdown for the ps sports the same feature. Powerdown for the ps provides the same function as cloak for the jennie. And if you are going to rip the Jennie miner apart, where the Hell is the CC skill? The Lord taketh away, perhaps he should complete the race/profession before that taking. So – total aggro for all races, rip apart powerdown, and find the skill to add contemplation. Huge order, I know. But I know you can do anything you set your mind to. You just make the choices you wish to make.
  6. Yep - we're still out here. Just a group of folks helping each other have fun. Think we need a few more hunters interested in just plain hunting to have fun. Fun is our moto and fun is our goal. hahaha and The Chosen is our name.
  7. Whoa - exactly why are you making voters apparent? This makes fair voting psychologically impossible. A person's vote can be influenced in this way.
  8. Still can't get in to ptr server. Guess it's TV time.
  9. Was trying to get into the ptr server, but it seems like the login is disabled. Anyone else able to access that server?
  10. Anyone who has access to Devs or Dev commands should not be running for this post. I will consider myself not represented if this occurs. We do know who these players are.
  11. Afternoon? Might call you a lucky Aussie, but then you have to get to 2AM sometime, and just think... I can go to sleep and pretend I'm playing. Wait - Isn't that a nightmare?
  12. Team Speak 3 has never worked on my laptop, and this is s winXP machine that was never intended for "chat" with anyone. I sort of like to keep all you internet folk in the corner of my mind, not in my rl like so many others like to do. I have even muted my virtual presence in virtual reality. I don't do face book or all those other bells and whistles unless someone specifically requests it. I can probably make the effort to reload my os on my laptop to see if there is some overlay between ts2 and ts3 causing some sort of file corruption, but it will take a painful need for me to do so. I just reloaded the os on this ancient 2002 machine, and boy did it hurt. SGO
  13. I have discs on which I have the enb program minus the windows components. Sort of leaves a lot of stuff hanging in the wind, I suspect. I used to save e v e r y t h i n g. Just an old habit of mine. Reminds me of someone else who always says: <---packrat
  14. I appreciate the confidence. Thank you. I am of the mind that guild leaders should not be included. I just inherited guild leadership in the last few weeks. I wish to decline any nomination. Let's see some new blood out there who doesn't have personal ties to an "inner" community. I know, in my heart, my guild comes first.
  15. Hey - did you find the RD Base? Now I'm going to go watch me a movie while these fellas get this all sorted out.
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