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  1. while I know the forums hate afk macro miners... there was one good part about them during live... cheap as hell ores real miners always wanted top credits for their ores (rather they wanted to gouge the hell outta you)... while the macro people were just happy to unload it without having to vendor... would usually get a lot of free ores tossed in with the ones I bought ...
  2. how let the TS use it? but for them it would be hull patch? and oh yeah... I mean since we took away build reactors from the TS and gave them build engines they could make it as well...
  3. I dont recall ever reading this idea or if its possible... but I really like it
  4. as previously posted... in live there were more mobs and you had to clear the edges of the fields to get to the good mobs or sneak in very carefully (and terrans are not known for the lowest sig either)... and try and pluck out mobs one at a time and since there were more mobs... they called for help more often... actually, a good example of what kiting was like in live exsists in earth sector at the infiniti corp or getco campus... try solo kiting those at L6 and pull the L10's when they pop... and that is what is was like say in antares or other high level spots were like at cl50... plus mobs had more health, your weapons were less powerful and theirs more powerful... so it was critical not to start getting hit... where now its not so much an issue... that is why I say leave the terrans and kiting alone... cuz the player end of that equation is not where the problem is... its the npc part and that will get fixed in time.... mobs will get smarter, become more powerful and plentiful as the devs can get them in game...
  5. I find it amusing that almost all of the responses are from non terrans... kiting is the terrans bread and butter it was fun and it was the style of combat that you chose as the one you liked over the other 2... not saying better or worse... but the one you liked... now it is nerfed and needs to go back to the way it was in live imho... and dont think that kiting was a walk in the park either like any other skill (beams, projectiles) there was a method to it and if you broke from that or were not careful you were dead... imho from what I can see, the reason kiting was nerfed here and the cause of concern over it is due to the fact that the devs are not finished with the game... mob ai is not what it should be, players are op, and world physics are still a little off... so this makes kiting seem op and has the jenpies and progpies screaming for the nerf bat... where in actuality if people would just relax... you would see that over time kiting will become less effective as the game comes into its own... so puhlez give us terrans a break...
  6. so in other words you are asking if there is a way that you can get the launcher to haxor your companies firewall so you can play at work I feel your pain... but alas most of us working at large companies have to live with the sad fact that corporate america has no sense of humor when it comes to farming L9 ores on their time
  7. if I am not mistaken this ability you ask for is coming out in the same patch that the TS gets build reactor
  8. are you running the game as Administrator
  9. this is a long shot... but tryt this... http://support.microsoft.com/kb/949104/ in any event... it cant hurt your system...
  10. bondct


    hi... just an fyi... the only way that windows firewall could cause you not to get into enb is if you have it configured wrong... either on accident or on purpose... my suggestion is to go into windows firewall and reset it back to the default settings (there is a button for that) and see if you can get into enb... if you cant then you have a computer problem that goes deeper than windows firewall that you should research just some friendly advice
  11. i didnt read previous posts in this thread and just tossing out an idea... did you try running enb config and checking the box that says "windowed mode"? also are there any other games that you play that you can run just as a test to eliminate video problems (and I dont mean solitaire )?
  12. I take it that this is an industry term?
  13. any chance that maybe you need to reboot your computer?
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