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  1. I saw in the February Patch Notice a thing about New 'triangular' Progen trade routes. Can someone please tell me what these are? Thanks.
  2. Just right click the application and run as administrator. I had the same problem when I tried to play windowed, the settings wouldn't change.
  3. I had the same problem when I started. I am an admin on my Vista computer but it still wouldn't update. You still have to tell the computer to run as an administrator. You have two options to do this. One: Right click on the icon/shortcut and click 'Run as Administrator'. You might have to do this every time you play just in case there is another update. Two: Right click on the icon/shortcut and click on Properties. Click on the Compatibility tab and select the box 'Run this program as an administrator'. Click OK. Then all you have to do run Net-7 as normal and it should run as an administrator. Then it should be able to update. P.S. These are Vista instructions. Win 7 should be the same.
  4. Hatrian: Hebeth: Kilinum: First- Third-
  5. LOL, your avatar came up first also.
  6. gamorex

    login down?

    Seems to be working for me now. There are also 250 people on. edit And after a ctd, it is not working again.
  7. gamorex

    login down?

    How? Edit: Oops, didn't see last page Edit 2: Still can't log in.
  8. Me too. No Local Cert - Hangs at Connecting to server With Local Cert - Hangs after I enter pw
  9. gamorex

    Vendor Levels

    I second that idea. I hate going to all of them to find the one I need.
  10. If we find things missing/wrong with the map, where would you like us to post these? Thanks. P.S. Tarsis(Vega) Shang Lo Lan nav, there are also lvl 20 mobs.
  11. I just filled up for a trade run. Now I have to remember to start off with that.
  12. You get the hu for free but unless you have 60 phosphorous lying around, it will probably cost you more to do the mission. And the bonus for this mission is a little bit of exp, so I would recommend skipping this hu mission.
  13. Actually, Shield Sap takes the mobs shield and turns it in to ENERGY, not shields. I think the JE's Shield Leech adds the taken shields and add it to your shields. And I agree with Irbis, I am new to E&B and I don't know all of the acronyms of the game. If some one could make a list of the most common, that would be really helpful.
  14. I don't have a folder named Westwood Studios. My Character and Starship Creator application is located in C:/Program Files/EA GAMES/Earth & Beyond/Character and Starship Creator.
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