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  1. Sorry for the belated reply. I thought this thread was on my watchlist. Nope, this will be my last update as I'm no longer playing EnB. I quit for the typical MMO reason of not having any real impact on the game world I guess. The chatting and socializing is fun but I need to see a real, measurable result of what I've done besides just another level increase. (All things said though EnB will still have been the only MMO I've played for any length of time besides the original EverQuest.) Now fixed. Have fun and good luck guys!
  2. Forum only allows two quotes per post, so.... If you can go back there and get their names, exact levels and possibly drops I will see about updating the map. I think I will add a 'Last updated' field to each map point as well so people can see how old the data is and whether it has been updated recently.
  3. If you could provide a list showing the actual vs. reported coordinates, I will check it out. That's my best guess too.
  4. If by "community interaction" you mean groups of people stumbling around NAVs randomly while individual group members get stranded and die... "Oh, let's try here..." "No, let's now go over here..." "SHIT!! They're 15 levels higher! RUNNN!!!" "JS please." "OMG me too!" That's what happened for over an hour last time I was in a large group (that wasn't touring) because of the idiot leaders. Eventually, everyone just left the group to play on their own. I don't consider this to be "fun". *Actual* (meaning: non-multiboxing, non-touring) spontaneous groups are extremely rare. People aren't in concentrated enough numbers to actually warrant grouping. If the server had 5000 players maybe this wouldn't be a problem. But at ~250 players, ~100 sectors, and ~150 levels, players are spread too thin. That's why I haven't been playing lately, because it's so *hard* to find a group, and soloing is boring. At least this way I can solo and not feel like a total idiot for wasting my time. Not my fault. The forum is borked. I wasn't the one who added the "..."s.
  5. The URL has changed. The new link: http://isometricland.com/enb/enb_javascript_map.php Please update your bookmarks.
  6. Yeah, I moved the page one directory higher up. Will probably also change it to php extension instead of html sometime soon.
  7. The links are working fine for me. However, someone's sig on Page 1 is freezing my browser.
  8. That's a very good idea. Just this past week I saw one someone had made for a different game. Everything's coded from scratch in HTML. I don't want to override normal expected browser behavior too much. I also don't have an existing tool library to take advantage of, so it would be a lot of work. [edit] Something like this I'm guessing. Note how many system resources it consumes. Not something I'd want running in the background while playing a game.
  9. You can now click on the icons to make the tooltips stay in place. Also, clicking on the names of MOBs or loot will automatically take you to the EnB Arsenal page for that item.
  10. Nice, but still too wide for my browser.
  11. OK, it's up and live. Link: http://isometricland.com/enb/enb_javascript_map.php Hopefully it performs better than the Flash map which has a tendency to use 100% CPU resources. Here's the updated to-do list: DATABASE - NAVs - Not sure exactly what the 'nav_type', 'is_huge', 'exploration_range', and 'object_radius_patch' fields in 'sector_nav_points' mean. - Currently I only take 'in_radar' into account when determining what to draw. Should I refer to them instead? - Should determine how much EL a NAV point awards, and how much can be gained per sector in total. - Not sure what to look for. 'base_xp' is always set to 0 in the database. + Check if planets/stations can also 'gate_to' somewhere... + Done. They can. + The 'sector_gate_to' data seems to be messed up. + Fixed. + All objects that appear in radar should go in the NAV group, regardless of type. + Done. + Only the NAV collection should contain objects that appear in radar. MOB and ore collections should be filtered so that they do not contain any of these objects. + Decided not to due to unique data that appears for each object type. They are simply displayed multiple times (i.e. once per collection) instead. - Not sure how to differentiate between the planets and moons. - Might have to do so manulally. - MOBs - Not sure what the 'intelligence', 'bravery', and 'altruism' fields in 'mob_base' mean, and whether they are worth listing. + MOBs and loot need to have levels displayed as well. + Done. - Not sure what the 'mob_count' field in 'sector_objects_mob' means. - Is it the number of MOBs per spawn point, regardless of the associated creatures? - What if the value is 1 and there are multiple creatures referenced? Are more than one spawned? - Need to determine whether MOBs are ships, organics, etc. - The database only lists numeric codes. Do not know what the codes correspond to. - Not a big priority, regardless, since people tend to know this beforehand. + Add the MOB relative distribution data to the sectors table. Gather and add similar data about ore. + Done. - Ore - Not sure what the 'fields' and 'pop_rock_chance' fields mean in 'sector_objects_harvestable'. - Is 'fields' the shape of the resource field? I.e. circle, sphere, etc.? - cannot figure out where the respawn times for ore are in the database. + Not sure what the number after the name in the 'descr' field of 'assets' means. + Represents the differently colored 3D models: cyan, yellow, magenta. Has been removed. - Loot - Drop items have varying quantities which should maybe be listed. - Not important enough, IMO. - There is no way in the database to determine exactly *which* MOBs drop *which* items, AFAIK. APPLICATION - When changing the zoom levels, the scroll amounts should be scaled properly as well. - Show mouse coordinates. - Maybe just list object coordinates in tooltips instead. + Show system names next to sector names. + Done - Add another map for the galaxy with locations of systems/sectors. - Add images for planets and moons. - Is there a way to differentiate between the two in the database? - Add a search box. - Not likely. + Make sure status of checkmarks and other input elements are analyzed or reset when refreshing the browser. + Done. All settings except checkboxes are retained after a browser refresh. Checkboxes are reset. - Test in multiple browsers. - Add individual 'Label' checkboxes for each group to toggle group labels. - Only if people complain.
  12. Nope. It's still just on my hard drive. I didn't work on it all today. I had to take the second half of my final for my SQL Server course. (Got a B on this half, a B+ on the other half, and an A- on the course overall.)
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