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  1. If your asking who can print it the answer is anyone with weapon build...
  2. You must have been talking to my wife...
  3. The Devs decided this when they implemented it... Then they said when device activation was pushed for, that it is the way they intended and were not gonna change it.
  4. They were never meant to be device activated...
  5. Yes lets make it so a group can take the hardest raids in the game... Currently you only need two decently geared groups and the right tactics to take just about any raid in the game.
  6. Haves and have nots... Those who have the credits and the uber gear will be able to make it more uber. I just don't see it happening.
  7. Oh ok... Didn't see any patch info thought this was the day without. Next week.
  8. Its a backdoor into Stage II Agrippa... If you don't have a Stage II invite.
  9. Problem with that is people will use it just to get non manu items to 125%, I know I would if I could. Just a little exploitable. Unless the quality increase goes back down after the allotted time.
  10. I like that idea, but L7 is a little too high. Maybe varying levels and buffs progress in level.
  11. Yeah and I see that I logged out...
  12. Yeah that was my first thought as well... Kinda makes doing those particular raids on the weekend nearly impossible.
  13. Yeah which is why I edited for est... You caught me before I did.
  14. I know a few people who have dreamt about killing a certain Progen Dev, who shall remain nameless...
  15. There is no such thing as having too many feathers...
  16. I agree with my esteemed colleague, how else are we suppose to know who you are... So we can harass you in game. :D
  17. That would be 8am est... I didn't have a problem when it was 3pm est. Takes less than a half hour more often then not.
  18. Patch doesn't take long, Zack knows what he is doing...
  19. I do believe Bell already told you Magoo... 24 minutes on the inside and 27 minutes on the outside.
  20. We have done it in under a half hour... With 3 full groups.
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